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Documentary Prohibited in USA Now Showing in Russia

Oliver Stone says that Fidel Castro is one of the most reasonable people on the Earth, "one of those we all should consult with"
Oliver Stone's "Comandante" will be shown only once in the Cinema House in St.Petersburg. The Rosbalt news agency was told in the press-service of the Russian cinema studio Lenfilm that the film is to be shown in the framework of the international film festival "Festival of Festivals" in St.Petersburg; showing  of the film will be dedicated to the Day of Catalan films.

"Comandante" is a documentary about Cuban Leader Fidel Castro; the film was shot in 2003. Oliver Stone is a director, script writer and a hero of the film together with Fidel Castro. Stone and Castro got acquainted when Stone made his overtly political film "Salvador" in 1987. In about 15 years, they met once again to make one more film. The annotation to the film says that main objective of Stone is to provoke Castro into being more open as well as to get him to answer ticklish questions. Castro's objective is to use Stone's camera for a political struggle against the USA. The game of asking and answering questions develops into a fight of the two mass media giants.

Oliver Stone says that Fidel Castro is one of the most reasonable people on the Earth, "one of those we all should consult with." The film "Comandante" was prohibited for demonstration in the USA in May 2003. The film drew attention at the International Film Festival in Sundance, it was also included into the Panorama program of the film festival in Berlin. Another film that is to be demonstrated in St.Petersburg together with Stone's "Comandante" is Jaime Rosales' "Hours of the Day".
Oliver Stone is one of the most prominent film directors in the USA. He was born in New York in 1946. Stone is famous for his films "Salvador", "Platoon", "Wall Street", "Born on the Fourth of July", "The Doors", "Natural Born Killers", "JFK", "Nixon", "U-Turn", "Every Given Sunday" and so on. Oliver Stone won Oscar three times.   
The XI International film festival "Festival of Festivals" opened in St.Petersburg on June 23. The best films that have won prizes at international festivals, Russian films made in 2002-2003, films produced by young film directors from all over the world will be demonstrated in the framework of the festival. The St.Petersburg documentary studio will demonstrate a program dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the city; some films will be dedicated to the 85th birthday to the Lenfim studio. The festival in St.Petersburg will last until June 29.

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