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WWII Veteran Cruelly Killed by Chechen War Serviceman

A WWII veteran survived in fascist and Soviet camps set up in Stalin’s epoch, but was killed by a Chechnya liberator
A 85-year-old WWII veteran Grigory Isayev survived captivity in fascist and Stalin camps, but was cruelly killed with his own walking stick in peaceful time. A 27-year-old man who served as a soldier in the Chechen war and several times served his term in prison spent a lot of time digging up the veteran's cellar in search of money. The young man discovered no hiding place there.

WWII veteran Isayev lived alone in the Russian city of Kovylkin; his life was rather modest as the war and hardship taught him to be satisfied with the little. A woman living next door found a dead body of the man early on May 29; his head was fractured. The woman came to ask whether the pensioner needed some medicine and wanted to buy some for him. When she saw the old man with his hands tied and lying face down she was shocked.

It took just a couple of days for police to solve the crime. Sergey Shulygin was detained on June 2 on suspicion for committing the crime.
As it turned out, the young man visited the old one rather frequently. At the end of April 2003, together with a friend of his Sergey rented the old man's car; they repaired the automobile to take the veteran to the bath house and drugstore, they used the car to deliver food for the old man. The guys used the car for their own commercial interests as they planned to open an automobile service center.

The guys thought that the old man had considerable savings. Sergey Shulygin knew that out of the 4.200 rubles of the monthly pension the old veteran spent just a small portion. He wanted the old man to share the savings. Sergey already learnt the taste of death fighting in Chechnya; he was not afraid of blood and violence.

It seems that the old veteran had a foreboding that after the torments of the war and the captive his death will be all the same very painful. He had been keeping regular records since the 1980s and put down the names of those people who borrowed money or other things from him. Unfortunately, there were no records about Sergey Shulygin. Probably the old man relaxed his vigilance before the death and decided to make no records about the young fellows who visited him regularly.

One day Sergey came to the veteran; they split a bottle of wine, after that Sergey demanded that the old man must share all his savings. When the veteran refused, Sergey severely beat him with a metal walking stick on the man's head.

After three-hour tortures Sergey decided that the veteran's saving were hidden in the cellar. However he failed to discover anything in the cellar.

Experts determined that the criminal broke 8 ribs of the veteran. The investigation managed to come upon the tracks of Sergey Shulygin when they knew about some people who rented the veteran's car. However, Sergey managed to escape and took refuge in the house of an acquaintance of his in the village of Kurnino.

The criminal confessed later that he had no intention to kill the veteran; what is more, when he left the old man's house the latter was still alive. This crime is especially cruel that veteran of one war fell victim to another one which Russia is waging now. The money because of which the veteran was killed is not found yet.

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