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Bermuda Triangle Is Not a Mystery Perhaps

Some people believe that accidents do not happen in the mysterious place at all

The area of the Bermuda Triangle is called the Devil Sea, the Atlantic Graveyard, the Sea of the Cursed, because there is no particular geographic name for this area. The territory of the mysterious triangle does not have precise borders either. It is generally believed that the Bermuda Triangle is formed with Bermuda Islands, Puerto-Rico and Miami, Florida. Yet, some people stretch the border to the Azores and even farther.

So what is the main thing that attracts so much attention to this small piece of the planet? People are excited with the idea that too many ships wrecked and too many planes crashed in the Bermuda Triangle. Eyewitnesses say that they saw either an UFO or silvery fog before a breakdown happened.  Twenty-two planes crashed in the area of the Bermuda Triangle during the period of 1945-1971; 38 ships sank during 1840-1973.

The Bermuda Triangle is the area, in which a lot of sea and air routes cross. Hundreds of planes and vessels travel on those routes, some of them collide with each other sometimes, but only a very small part of those accidents is true. Ships would lose control and sink, but one should bear in mind the fact of the powerful Gulf Stream current in the area of the islands. The current may cause navigation problems for vessels, change its location and it can also affect weather conditions, causing frequent fogs.

As far as science fiction suppositions about alternating gravitation fields and sea monsters are concerned, one may just say that the Bermuda part of the Atlantic Ocean has been studied thoroughly. Shipwrecks have always happened before and they will happen in the future as well, especially on such a busy and vast territory of one million square kilometers.  The majority of accidents happened in the Bermuda Triangle in the 1950s-1970s. That was the Cold War period, the period of the industrial growth in a lot of countries, when vessels were widely used as the cheapest way of transportation.

Although, accidents with small private yachts were rather unusual. They would be found abandoned at sea - no people on board, although things and life boats remained intact.  However, there is no need to shift the blame on aliens here: let' just assume that a storm happened and the crew was safe and sound on board a larger ship. It is not ruled out that a yacht was not damaged after the storm and continued sailing at sea. People do not rush to pack their things during a storm, they try to save their lives, especially if there is a ship nearby.

There are several other unusual, albeit rather real versions about the Bermuda mystery. For example, there is a version that says that waves generate an ultrasound during a storm, which exerts a negative influence on the human nervous system. As a result, crewmembers panic, the fear suppresses the common sense and people jump overboard. After that, they find abandoned yachts and ships, where everything was left untouched. This version has not been proved yet, so why making up fairy tales, if there is no answer to a normal explanation yet?

However, it is a lot harder to prove anything when it comes to plane crashes in the Bermuda Triangle. They fall down and drown in the Atlantic Ocean, sometimes they fall into pieces in the air. All flight recorders are resting on the seafloor, so it is impossible to find out any reasons. A plane crash may be caused with a lot of reasons, and there may be no reason at all too. A lot of accidents have not been documented. The most discussed air crash is the accident that happened to with several Avenger planes. A group of Avenger aircraft performed a training sortie early in the morning on December 5th, 1945. A very strange message was transmitted in two hours: "We do not know, where we are, they came from the Universe, we are in great danger." The connection with the planes was lost soon after that, and no one saw those planes again. The investigation failed to find out anything, although it is clear that the planes had drowned.

Physicians say that lighting often cause a twisted cone of steam, air and water. It is invisible, it moves at a very high speed and has a very large power. If a could is full of water, a tornado occurs. If there is no water in a cloud, a whirl exists on its own. If a plane finds itself inside such a whirlwind, it will come out of control totally and then it will eventually crash. Most likely, this happened to a group of five Avengers, which came across the invisible whirlwind incidentally.

Ancient Romans loved impressive shows most of all. Modern people want the same. The Bermuda Triangle is still playing the role of an impressive show, providing numerous rumors and legends. Maybe, it is an anomalous zone, maybe UFOs have caused it all to happen? Speaking of Avengers: a newspaper
supposed that the planes had moved three hours in the past.


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