Author`s name Olga Savka

Graduating Students Cruelly Murdered

A graduation celebration in the Russian city of Kopeisk ended in a cruel killing
Head of the Chelyabinsk regional department for internal affairs Pavel Grigoryev has taken control of a criminal case on the double killing of graduating students Oksana Kuzina and Yelena Smagina in the Russian city of Kopeisk.

On the night of May 25, the girls were on their way home after a graduation party. It turned out to be not only the last day of their studies; the tragic day also became the last of their lives. The girls were savagely killed on the territory of a kindergarten; they were first beaten, then raped and strangled. 

Neighbors heard some strange cries but decided teenage hooligans were playing some of their strange games, which is shy people didn't call the police. The parents of Oksana and Yelena called the police when they saw the girls didn’t come home by dawn. They were informed that they would have to wait three days until a missing-persons case could be opened, because the girls might get back home on their own.
Some boys playing in the kindergarten next morning, May 25, found the bodies of the murdered girls. The girls had been beaten cruelly; signs on their bodies revealed what they had had to suffer. 
An investigating group has been formed of investigators of Kopeisk and the Chelyabinsk region to find out details of the double killing and to find clues of the criminals.
There are two versions of the killing that have been suggested by this moment. The first is that the girls were killed by some boys with whom they had been acquainted before the killing. But investigators think this version is improbable, as the girls were known has hanging around in large company. The second version says that some strangers whom the girls met on the way home probably committed the killing. The street where the girls were killed has a reputation for crime.


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