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Russian Girl Becomes Queen of Universe!

Olesya Kuzmicheva couldn't expect she would be the winner
Another Russian girl, Olesya Kuzmicheva became Queen of Universe. She just recently got back home from South Africa. Thus, the Russian city of Saratov, from which the girl comes from, has become "the capital of universal beauty" for a year.

In a word, the whole of the world once again saw that external and inner beauty of Russian women is beyond comparison. Russian beauties traditionally win prizes at beauty contests.

Olesya KuzmichevaAs Olesya says now, the competition was very serious. "I couldn't expect that the jury would choose me. I couldn't believe it was possible at all. As you remember, recently Svetlana Koroleva from Russia won the title Miss Europe. And once again, me, a girl from Russia won the title Queen of Universe. I still cannot believe it." 

The young Queen will stay in Moscow for several days; she will be giving interviews and autographs, photographers will take her pictures. Meanwhile, Olesya's native city of Saratov is looking forward for arrival of the beauty. She is getting lots of congratulations from her friends, relatives, acquaintances; what is more, candidates to the title Miss Russia-2003 and Vice-Miss Universe-1996 have sent their deepest congratulations to Olesya on getting the title.

Olesya KuzmichevaOlesya Kuzmicheva is 18. She is a member of the Saratov shaping federation; she studies at the Volga State Academy of Management and Public Administration. As the state-run TV and radio company "Saratov" informs, the first beauty contest with Olesya's participation was Miss Saratov Region-2000. Unfortunately, she won no prize at the first contest. But in a year, Olesya Kuzmicheva participated in the all-Russian beauty contest and was on the top ten list of Russia beauties as a result of the contest.

As the girl admits, she never had an intention to start top model career. Now she is actively participating in fitness events, fashion shows and presentations. And don't forget, she is a student at the same time. A real queen manages to find time for everything.

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