Ilya Glazunov: Genocide Against Russian People in Full Swing

There is another thing to learn from Americans: national interests come first

Ilya Glazunov’s speech at the VII World Russian National Council

There was a note handed over to the presidium of the council: “Will anyone say that there is the genocide of the Russian people? Will anyone say that?” Yes, there is someone to say that. I say that there is the genocide of the Russian people. The session of our council is devoted to the following issue: “Faith and Labor: Spiritual and Cultural Traditions and Russia’s Economic Future.” Faith and labor are the grounds of every nation’s living. The World Church wants to take our Orthodox religion away from us. They want to take away the faith of our ancestors, who created the power of the Russian State. The state does not guarantee the right for labor nowadays. The old production system has been destroyed, but there is nothing new developed instead. Bright talents of the Russian science have to deal with the production of kitchen ware. A lot of them decided to leave Russia. What is that right, on the ground of which a small group of oligarchs got the Russian national wealth and all natural resources in their possession? The country’s oil and gas must be given back to the state and the people.

Democracy is not the power of a dozen of oligarchs over millions of our people, over the multinational Russia! After the national suicide, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was forced to ask for help, since it was unable to demand anything. I suggest we should set up the International League for protection of Russian people, the same like Muslims or Jews did. This will be our protection against the Russophobia in all of its forms that are typical for these days.

More than 25 million Russian people are the citizens of the second kind in former neighborly republics. However, those people assisted a lot in the prosperity of those former Soviet republics. Russian people are not allowed to speak Russian in the Baltic republics of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. We were turned to the people of the second kind over there. How long are we going to stand that? (Addressing to Gennady Zyuganov, the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation): Mr. Zyuganov, if you have one-third of the faithful at the moment (Zyuganov stated so himself, making a speech at the council), why not renaming your party and have it as the People’s Party. Why do you load yourself with someone else’s crimes?

I was shocked and exasperated, when I found out that the State Duma passed the law, according to which Russian people from the so-called CIS (from historic Russia) have to wait three years until they can get a Russian passport. However, the people of Asia and the Caucasus keep conquering Russia without a gunshot and without a citizenship, going to Russian cities and towns to settle there. The Russian culture is in the oblivion, it is buried under the ruins of show business. I am thankful to the government for the fact that my school of Russian high realism exists. This school is called the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. We must preserve the traditions of our culture, the world has become so poor without it. The Great Russian Language gets so dirty on our television. Democrats are colonial apes. Why doesn’t George W. Bush say the word “vstrecha” (“meeting” in Russian) instead of saying the word “summit?” Why doesn’t he say “my White Kremlin,” for example? Why do we have to adjust ourselves to those people, whose history counts only 200 years? Our culture and history counts a thousand years, but our politicians keep using the words of foreign origin in their daily speech. Who gave them a right to ruin the Great Russian Language? Two buildings were leveled in the republic of Tatarstan: Fyodor Shalyapin was born in one of those buildings and then lived in the other one. And we still have patience about it.

I think that one should introduce new subjects to study in Russian schools: the Old Slavonic language, God’s Law. The Russian and the Slavonic languages are single. Then there would be no need to translate church services from the Slavonic language to the Russian one, as it is practiced on television now. We need to have a state television channel, which would teach our youth. It will make it easier for the state to struggle with prostitution, drug addiction and criminality.

Another thing: why do we have to be a member of the European Union? I demand the death penalty should be reinstated. Criminals should be murdered. Terrorism and the struggle with it are not supposed to become the reason of another kind of global terror. The American way of fighting the international terrorism reminds me an old Soviet saying: “This fight for peace will not leave a stone standing.” We can learn another thing from the United States of America –national interests come first. Only the great Orthodox faith and labor will help to revive Holy Russia. God save Russia! Long live Russia!

This was the speech by Ilya Glazunov, Russian people’s artist. The speech was delivered at the VII World Russian National Council


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka