Does Russia Advance Toward Legalized Nazism?

An open letter to Russia President Vladimir Putin from Mikhail Chlenov, the president of Vaad (Russia’s Federation of Jewish organizations and communities), secretary general of the Eurasian Jewish Congress.

Dear President Putin,

As mass media reported, the Russian Ministry of Justice officially registered the National Sovereign Party of Russia. It is perfectly clear that the registration was officially done on the basis of an impeccably developed charter of the organization. We think this is the utter cynicism, because when you read documents of the party (its objectives and statements of the party’s organizational committee), which are available on the Internet, you see its true objectives and aims.  Here are some quotations from the documents I’ve mentioned.

“According to international law norms, Russia is considered a mono-national country of the Russian people, as Russians make up majority of the population here”;

“It is necessary to revise the Russian Constitution in force, which ignores the rights and interests of the Russian people; amendments should be introduced in the document, or a completely new constitution is to be adopted”;

“The governmental structures and mass media should be completely cleared of people spreading anti-Russian attitudes”;

“A law is to be passed to bring people into account for Russophobia”;

“National proportionality is to be introduced on all levels of the authority”;

“People of not Russian nationalities and having relatives of not Russian nationality mustn’t be given top governmental posts”;

“Masonry, totalitarian sects, Judaism and Zionism must be outlawed as teachings popularizing the national oneness, superiority of Jews and deficiency of other nationalities”;

“Special attention should be paid to extermination of crime, organized criminal activity, larceny, financial machinations and murky dealings of Jewish and Caucasian mafia”;

“A program is to be developed to move Jews, whose activity isn’t compatible with the national benefit of Russia, to Israel”;

“Labor immigration should be prohibited for all nationalities, except for Russians”;

“A requirement is to be introduced in the Russian legislation that all candidates at any kinds of elections should declared their nationality, including the  three previous generations”;

“Banks cheating people and companies out of their money, dealing with financial machinations; the Zionist and masonic capital, the capital of Caucasus and Chechnya mafias, and of conciliatory bourgeoisie are to be expropriated”;

“An active policy, including a propaganda one, is to be developed against marriages of mixed races and nationalities, although we don’t mean that a law is to be adopted prohibiting such marriages”;

“It is necessary to admit that the USA, West, Zionism-fascism, masons, oligarchs, “democrats” pose the greatest danger to the country.” 
One of the party leaders Boris Mironov spoke at a closed constituent session of  the party in February and said: “Jews are our common enemy and our common objective is replacement of authority.”

So, the ideological purposes and appeals of the new party’s leadership are evident. They contradict the Constitution, incite national discord and humiliate Russia’s national minorities.

It is strange that despite frequent statements of top governmental officials saying that political extremism and xenophobia should be finished with, such a party was officially registered at all. The law on counteraction to extremism isn’t working; number of mass media openly urging to inter-national violence is increasing in the country. Violence of racists against those whose appearance is different from theirs is gaining force in Russia; people are attacked in the streets, at the markets; religious Jews are beaten in the Moscow streets; attacks at synagogues, Jewish cemeteries, assassinations of people representing national minorities have become frequent.

Does the society advance toward legalized fascism and nazism? Mr. President, we ask you to give a political estimate to the newly-registered party and put an end to all attempts of racists and xenophobs to legalize their activity and come to power.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson