Who is killing the 13-year-olds - for a selfie?

A reader sent me articles about three or four kids, 15 year olds, who committed suicide in a few days to making selfies while the train went by, or directly by throwing themselves out the window. How is it going?, he wondered.

[Translator's note - I think this article is well connected to this previous one  https://english.pravda.ru/society/137129-disturbed_psychopaths/ and complementary to it. In a society where some people disturbed or even psychopathic can organize themselves in economic structures and ruin the lives of their fellow men, it is natural that some of them should be organized too in a different way using the formidable communication tool that is the Internet. There isn't (for the moment) any SPECTRE of perverts and various sick people but a network of appearing more or less shady characters who recognize each other intuitively, with half-sentences and significant silences.]

By Maurizio Blondet

A reader sent me articles about three or four kids, 15 year olds, who committed suicide in a few days to making selfies while the train went by, or directly by throwing themselves out the window. How is it going?, he wondered.

I was about to repeat to him the dicta of "my" Ortega y Gasset about "the horrible intimate situation in which it is located the youth" of the permissive society, that "in purely feeling free, you feel empty. A life without commitments is more negative than death, because to live means to have to do something specific, take a position and to the extent we shirk to subdue to a task our lives, we vundervalued our existence...".

However, without the topics above to lose weight, bursts another piece of information from Russia: there are on the Internet "group of death" who encourage teenagers to commit suicide.

Raising the alarm

It was the Novaya Gazeta to raise the alarm, with a major survey of the 15th, last May. According to this, at least 130 teenagers have been led to suicide, mainly through the social network Vkontakte, their Whatshapp, between November 2015 and April 2016.

The mental mechanism used to psychologically subjecting 15 year olds is to deceive them with a seemingly innocent game, which consists in carrying out some "challenges" that simple become increasingly intense: made a hashtag "I put myself at stake", draws a blue whale, solve algorithms, wake up at 4:20 in the morning... and then: make scarifications on the hand with razor blades, crossing a busy street, swing from hooks by the neck, thrown yourself into the void. All seasoned with derision if the guy pulls back: coward, uptight and boring, all the obvious bullying tactics. The "natural" conformist subjection to peer group does the work: at that age, the ego is not yet formed, the boy lives "in the swarm" of the band, feels and operates collectively.

Among the youngs the picture of "Rina", a sixteen year old girl who November 23th, 2015 became beheaded by a train in a town in Siberia, resting her head on the tracks, has become viral. It was, too, a selfie: pictures of the decapitated body have themselves become "viral". Thousands of children (less than fifteen) have posted comments like: "Rina, you're the best", "My heroine", "it's a shame that I never met you", "you seem to have come from a manga" (manga are Japanese comics )...


"One less, you're next," has found Natasha, 12 years old, on her Vkontakte profile... Luckily, terrified, she showed the message to her mother: a few weeks earlier in the same building, Elia had jumped from 17th floor, same age. Her mom (separated, two jobs to give Natasha what she wants: iPhone, tablet, trendy dresses), immediately started to look for those who had sent the message, and she found out easily: a student from the same school attended by her daughter, a bully of a couple of years older. She remembered that her child, long before, had said: "If I have a daughter, I'll call her Rina".

Within hours, the mother found on Vkontakte at least 1500 groups "social" inciting to suicide, in one way or another, the boys and girls of the middle schools. Warned, the managment of Vkontakte launched at the beginning of 2016 its own monitoring and found over 3 million hashtags linked to the idea of suicide. The young authors were contacted individually, they were asked why they had put those things on line. According to answers, the pages of some people have been closed permanently, some other guys - the victims of the diabolical plagiarism - conveyed to a psychological support.

In November 2016, one of the organizers of a group of death, named Philip Budeykin, was jailed on charges of having caused the suicide of 15 children and the attempted suicide of others 5. Philip is 21 years old. Other administrators of similar pages are interrogated throughout Russia, for the moment as people informed about the facts.

One of the identified groups, "Blue Whale", is exactly that asks the kids and the girls to wake up at 4:20 am, and see "scary" video and listen to some music: the lack of sleep in these still young people makes them more vulnerable, music and specific videos will increase the mental conditioning. Part of a 50 days countdown, during which the almost-baby are ordered "challenges" more and more harsh and self-injury, challenges "validated" by the peer group that make pressure on the individual.

The lethal "game" has already arrived to the French kids, and the police began to spread warnings messages on social networks:

Also on Instagram were now identified 45,000 posts with hashtags related in some way to the groups of death: messages "wake me up at 4:20," pictures of scarified arm and hand injuries with razor blades...

Extreme form of bullying via the web. Internet is suitable to those who want to use social networks to manipulate and subjugate and induce self-destructive games. In the United States, the "Salt and Ice Challenge" flares up among the kids, where twelve years old do video while laying on the arm salt and ice cubes, and resist as much as they can. Since the salt has the effect of lowering the temperature at which the water freezes into ice, the temperatures become lower than 0 and the very young suffered real burns. In Britain arrived to chronicles the burns of a schoolboy in Wales, so severe that at first the doctors thought him a skin graft.

In the US the challenge "Run or Die" has a great success: kids compete to cross highways full of fast cars, making a selfie.

The sick manipulation of minds is thus not only in Russia. Last January, two 15-years olds Indians, at New Delhi, were killed while they were with other people of the same ages making  selfies with in the background a train that arrived at speed, "but the two boys were so intent on taking pictures that, when they jumped on the other rail, they did not notice that a train were coming from the opposite direction".

Almost certainly this suicidal fashion has arrived in Italy, as the titles of March 9th suggest, such as, "They made a contest of selfies: thirteen year old killed by a train in Soverato in Calabria - It happened in the province of Catanzaro. The three guys wanted to resist to the last on the rails". Of course the surviving friends denied, no selfies ... the Russians kids and the 20-year olds istigators deny too: it was just a game ended badly. But the Railway Police issued horrendous statistics "from 2016 have been well 98 the accidental victims, with a disturbing +63 per cent compared to previous years. And even grow the victims of "car run": 72 in the same period (+47 percent). In 56% of cases the tragedies occur for "undue presence on the train home"; in 28% of the cases for "crossing the rails"; in 16% of the cases for "abnormal or improper behavior of travelers".

Only the authorities in Russia, given the scale of the inciting phenomenon, suspect that it is "a weapon". Not already a spontaneous pathological fact, but a weapon of mass manipulation. The Ministers of the Russian Federation are tightening up the penalties for inducing suicide of children. And it investigate. Often on the pages of the instigators there is this symbol, which was also marked with the spray on the wall of the tenement from where Elia thrown herself:

But above all, it began to rethink the relationship of school-age immature with the web. "The technological revolution presented as the liberation of man from his objective limits leads to alienation", says Karine Bechet-Golovko [ https://www.blogger.com/profile/16856496814528129633 ]. Is it the case that parents give their children phones with connections and abandon them in front of the tablet in their chats "...disconnected from the real world, boys are more vulnerable, close to the world of social networks that is unspeakably violent, they live among false "friends" and not have any real. It's a deceiver world and helps to destroy in the very moment in which personalities are being formed". All this, however, recognizing how difficult it would be for parents to deny their children the smartphone ("But everyone has one!") and control them or mearure out their hours of "chat" with so-called friends on the web.

We just have here to indicate that a sovereign and superior Intelligence is at work, intent to  harm humanity. The free evil, without any other purpose, of this collective possession, is for us a signal. Progressives touting the "liberation from all the taboos" mock us even when we give him his real name: "Father of Lies", also called "Murderer from the beginning". We know that they, blinded, are under His influence; He poisoned the sources of human life and corrupts it with pornography as with abortion and soon with legal euthanasia, with vicious ideologies contra naturam.


The swarm of boys

To us remain the pain of seeing how Samael is also managed to poison the age from which civilizations flourished. This is the pre-teen years, the age of the strongest friendships, because the guy from individuality not yet formed "does not feel and wants as an individual, but is absorbed in the anonymous character of the group that thinks and feels in his place". In prehistoric times, from this swarm of warriors-heroes or bold thugs, States arised. It was long before there was the family, when the primeval tribes were divided by age groups: all young people of a generation were called "brothers" and "Equal", adults are all "father and mother", all the old, in fact, Senior citizens. The Greek phalanxes first were composed in fact "phratries" and "eterie" (from eitairos, equal); unleashed dedicated themselves to hunting, war and the party - three things which had not yet distinct; they went to loot the enemy territory on, they robbed the women of the enemy. Not surprisingly, the official version of the res publica [ at the times of ancient Rome - NdT] was "Senatus Populusque": populus means "destroyer", in memory of those ancient enterprises: the Rape of the Sabine Women, the fierce Thor that makes war with the hammer, the wild mates that the blond-haired God Indra guides, in the Vedas, to theft the cattle of the neighbors. They give strength with Soma, the amazing drink that makes "immortal" as the Achilles' companions were filled with wine..

In Senatus populus-que, of course, the strong conjunction betrays that the report was full of tension, with the olds. I already told elsewhere of the ver sacrum, the "Sacred Spring", really "cursed spring" when the land of the tribe, in the age that preceded the knowledge of crop rotation, no longer gave enough crops to feed the whole horde, not they were picking the crops that year, for sacrificial offering; and classes of teenagers were ritually thrown out of the group, with funerary rites: dead, along the edge of the border, the parents coming back swept with boughs the traces, such as when carrying a dead body at the stake, because the dead do not return to haunt the living (someone returned, spreading maybe white pebbles to find his way of living? The tale of Tom Thumb makes hoping, which even then was told).

The fact is that those young thugs, yet without a formed personality, who lived not as individuals but as a group or armed group, were expendable. They would be conquered new lands with a spear and a sling, tearing from the enemies, from the monsters of the forest. They would then tightened terms and wedding with the enemies, marrying the girls kidnapped. Thus the Aryan civilization spread from the north to India, to Rome, to Greece.

Now even this ancient source of fresh water has been infected. Small Romulus, potential Thor, the possible Indra, kill themselves as stupid (which they are) to get a selfie, or even for no reason, in some absurd and crazy courage tests such as those of the time of the Ver Sacrum. But then, they were sacrificed for a purpose, to last the civilization. Now, for free. For an unalloyed evil, from a cunning Mind.



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translation by Costantino Ceoldo - Pravda freelance


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