Interview with Marcello Foa about Trump

Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton was something unexpected in its way of occurrence. Personally I thought that The Donald would have won with a small margin, thus being to pursue a difficult presidency by popular support point of view. Instead the opposite has occurred. It's clear that the deeper America, neglected by previous presidencies, believed the election promises of Trump on the economic recovery and perhaps not only to them. The economic difficulties experienced by a large proportion of the US population have certainly contributed to his victory but also all that has emerged against Hillary Clinton and her entourage has benefited to the cause of this tycoon of success. The scandal of the email, the collusion with the Saudis, the smokiness of the economic program of the Democratic nominee helped to move votes to his opponent. Last but not least, I believe that the sincerity of the character of Trump has helped in conveying the sympathy of voters: not by chance, the old Clint Eastwood has praised his frankness, almost from the working class, as opposed to the mushy political correctness of the pussy generation time that reigns today.

It's manifested now, imperative, the need to peek on the future that awaits us. For this reason I asked some questions to Marcello Foa, known Italian journalist who had in Montanelli and Cervi his teachers and mentors. Foa knows America deeply and has always considered a victory of Trump as possible, despite his many detractors.

D) Do you think that the Trump presidency is quite correct to govern?

R) Absolutely yes: the people have spoken freely, Democrats didn't denounce frauds, the result is clear. Trump has been democratically elected and have the full right to rule.

D) Will Trump revive the US economy with a mix of protectionism, denunciation of some of the current economic treaties, repatriation of companies abroad?

R) It is probably wrong to expect too rapid and radical reforms. In my opinion Trump will opt for gradual adjustments, initially focusing on major infrastructures and on some form of selective protectionism. He's a businessman, not a fool..

D) Trump speaks to reintroduce the division between merchant banks and brokerage. Is it something feasible? And if so, will this have a positive effect on the huge US public debt?

R) It would be a measure sacrosanct and a source of stability for the global financial system. The question is, can he overcome the opposition of the Wall Street lobby? The Congress will follow? Personally I hope so.

D) How do you think Hillary Clinton and the neocons will react in the coming months and years? That is, there will be a more or less legal showdown or the system will find a peaceful settlement?

R) Hillary is now out of contention, the neoconservatives no, unfortunately. The greatest risk is that they infiltrate in the new administration. I hope that Trump has the foresight to keep them away.

D) A final question: now that Donald Trump has become President of the United States, as you believe will change the relationships with America's partners and antagonists and, in particular, with Russia? Syria and Ukraine are not the only trouble spots...

R) There are high hopes for a new détente with Russia, which is primarily in the interest of Europe. If the tension with Moscow drops, you will be able to find an agreement on Ukraine also. With regard to Syria if Trump is coherent he will abandon the incredible support of the Americans to Islamic extremist groups that are presented as moderate and instead are a patchwork of Sunni fanatics. In this sense, the green light to the destruction ISIS. We hope he will keep his word..

Costantino Ceoldo - Pravda freelance


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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo