Pokemons help people find new meaning of life?

Millions of people around the world step into the virtual reality of computer games and forget where they come from. This way of behavior has long been regarded as a type of addiction.

People may leave their families, quit jobs and even commit suicide because of their addiction to computer games. Psychologist, founder of the "Academy of Privacy" in Saint-Petersburg, Larisa Renar, shared her vision of the problem in an interview with Pravda.Ru.

"How do computer games affect the human brain?"

"There are different points of view on this subject. One of them says that computer games help young people get rid of aggression that they have inside. This could be a positive effect from playing computer games, but it is highly important not to let a person get lost in virtual reality. An adult should carefully watch a child and try to understand what he or she is trying to find in this occupation."

"The problem is that adults can play computer games for days too."

"True. I am currently very interested in the phenomenon of "Pokemon mania." This is a way for game addicts to enter the real world. In this game, people want real communication and real reactions. People lack positive emotions, the feeling of living for a purpose."

"Why did they lose it?"

"We now live in the era of virtual reality that has its own, different values. We now live at the crossroads of a revolutionary transition. People used to have long-term goals that they were trying to achieve for years. Nowadays, every day brings something new. One can, of course, make a plan  for ten years, but we do not know what is going to happen to us and to the whole world in the next few days. Therefore, it is personal responsibility now to understand what is happening to a person right here and right now. When a person has this understanding, their life is full and interesting.

"If a person has not found oneself, this person may have serious problems in life, because it will be hard for him or her to integrate into various structures. Today, any structure picks talented and responsible individuals, who are ready to realize their potential to the fullest. Employers always look for creative individuals, they switch from ruck to individualism. So, if a person does not find this responsibility in oneself, they try to find it somewhere else, where there is at least a little bit of purpose. Finding a Pokemon may thus take a different meaning and become a new emotion.

"People constantly try to find the meaning of life. In the past, the meaning of life was about Soviet ideology, but today, one has to look for the answers all the time. We look for the meaning of life because externally imposed meanings are no longer a part of our reality. The real meaning is always about creation - it is about the creation of something unique that only you can create.

Interviewed by Angela Antonova

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov