Ancient profession of no noble risk

The police of St. Petersburg investigate a criminal case against two women of easy virtue. The women were charged with the murder of their client. The story is not a typical one, as it is women of pleasure, who usually fall victims of murderers.

According to official sources, the cause of the crime was alcohol. Two young ladies of easy virtue - 19-year-old resident of Karelia Marina Drozdova and 30-year-old Karina Petrova - were visiting a client of theirs. Following an excessive intake of alcohol, the man quarreled with the two women. A brawl erupted, in which the women attacked the man and started beating him. The man died on the spot as a result of the bodily harm that he received during the fight.

According to unconfirmed information, the client offered the women an unusual way of having fun. The suggestion led the women into a rage.

Now Petrova and Drozdova will have to be held accountable for intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm that negligently caused the death of the victim. The adequate article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation stipulates imprisonment for up to 15 years.

The story seems to be a trivial one at first sight: party, alcohol, murder, jail. The unusual aspect about the story is the fact that it was a client, who fell victim of prostitutes, not vice versa. In most cases, they are robbed, raped, beaten, forced to work overtime, etc, etc. Law enforcers do not usually have sympathies for them.

In fact, coaches of business strategies believe that the problem of prostitution is about the eternal phenomenon of demand and supply. All men, who seek sexual favors for money, are common men, who may have different reasons, but one and the same wish, with which they want to see a prostitute.

Needless to say that women choose this profession mostly for social reasons, such as the lack of money, education, profession, plain laziness and addiction to easy money.

Elite escort girls, for example, do not think of themselves as prostitutes. They have completely different aims: to start their own business at the expense of a generous lover or have a family with a wealthy man. These ladies invest a lot in their looks, finish modeling schools, learn foreign languages and so on.

The life of an ordinary prostitute is completely different - it is full of danger and intrigues. Everyone knows that drinking alcohol with women of easy virtue is dangerous as a mickey finn can find itself in a glass at any moment. Women of the street often have sedative drugs with them, because many of their clients do not want to pay for sex.

Ladies of the evening often have to fight for their lives, sometimes even at the expense of the client's life. There are specific discussion board on the Internet, where one can read many true stories of such tragic encounters. Some even post "black lists" of customers, who can often be a lot more inventive in avoiding payment for services. Some clients may invite one woman to serve a group of men without a warning. As they say, "Profession, though ancient, but the risk is never noble."

Christina Vazhenina

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov