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Henry Kissinger came to Moscow to discuss new financial system with Putin

On February 3, 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a meeting with Henry Kissinger, a US diplomat, former national security advisor and US Secretary of State. February 12, 2016 is said to be the date for an epoch-making meeting between the heads of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Krill and the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis.

Pravda.Ru talked about the historical significance of these two fateful meetings to Head of the service for strategic planning of the Association for trans-border cooperation, member of Expert Council of the Center of Strategic Conjuncture, member of the Russian-Iranian Council for Public Relations, Alexander Sobianin.

"What was the point of Henry Kissinger's visit to Moscow? Rumor has it that the meeting was devoted to global strategic objectives."

"Of course, it was an important visit because Kissinger is an outstanding figure in the American politics. The Bushes come and go, but people like Henry Kissinger stay. Such visits never happen for personal reasons. Such evens always happen for the sake of global and complicated issues, such as issues of Russian-American actions in the world, wars, global markets and revolutions. As a rule, the sides clearly describe their intentions and positions during such meetings - they do not negotiate."

"What could Henry Kissinger discuss with President Putin?"

"Most likely, it was the meeting about the Middle East. Russia, oil prices and Ukraine - these questions do not require Kissinger's presence in Moscow. In the Middle East, we can now eyewitness the establishment of the balance of all global forces.

"Putin and Kissinger met before in 2013. Kissinger remains in a very good shape intellectually. In his interviews, he always appears very reasonable and thoughtful. Henry Kissinger represents a certain group of the US political elite that includes the Bush clan. The world is rapidly moving towards the destruction of the current financial system. In these circumstances, those who own budgets of entire nations are looking for opportunities to save their money so that this money works when the current financial system disappears and a new financial system emerges. It should be understood that while the whole world and, unfortunately, Russia is involved in conflicts and political games, the Americans believe that it is them who set the rules of these games. They are also elaborating the rules for the time when the global domination of the US dollar ends.

"The US is now trying to change the world to the post-dollar world. Obviously, the world will no longer be global. With Putin, the Americans intend to establish tandem cooperation, despite the extremely aggressive political rhetoric against Russia. The US and Russia still cooperate on vital issues in most sensitive areas, including war, oil, investment, technology, etc. A variety of economic associations are being created now, and the Americans want to be leaders everywhere: BRICS, the Transatlantic Partnership, etc. They are working on all this very actively.

"In this battle, due to the fact that the US debt is snowballing, rescuing the US economy is impossible even if the whole Middle East is set on fire, we can see the two clans fighting to death - the Bushes and the Clintons. In this sense, the upcoming elections in the US will probably be the last, because America may change to become an absolutely different nation. In this battle, Madame Clinton is stronger.

"Henry Kissinger, who is currently in the Bush clan, came to Moscow to see what Russia finds more attractive - Clinton's new global world order, or a more nationally-oriented position of the Bush clan. Clearly, the new world order according to the Clintons and all sorts of societies such as the Soros Foundation are less acceptable for Russia. Henry Kissinger came to Russia at the time of the brutal struggle between two groups of bankers. The loser will have to deal with tens of trillions of dollars of US debt. While America is sinking to the bottom with its overwhelming debt, it needs to destroy someone inside to make them responsible for all those debts.

"Russia is a small, but an extremely important player on the world stage. We have not participated and will never participate in their domestic events, but it was Russia that became a key factor for the appearance of the United States and the Federal Reserve.

"Now is the epochal moment when Russia can determine the fate of the United States. It is only the US elite who can talk about it, and Henry Kissinger is a person, who represents the US elite.

"The Bush clan needs Russia's money, Russia's armed forces, Russia's political support to defeat the Clintons to subsequently destroy the entire group of bankers and making them responsible for the US national debt. For their part, they are ready to give Russia a weighty support in different areas."

"There is an opinion that Henry Kissinger came to support Putin after Owen's report. Some say that Kissinger is not the ruler of history, but rather a negotiator."

"I have read such opinions too. Henry Kissinger has a right to negotiate, to make decisions on the spot, but he is not a sherpa. Actually, what does it mean - "to support Putin?" Is Putin weak or what? In Russia, there is no anti-Putin sentiment among the elite, the people and the security forces. Why support the one who has all types of support already? Look at what happened after Putin's Munich speech. Does a person, who delivers a speech like that need media or some other form of support?"

"On February 12, 2016 the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill is to meet Pope Francis in Cuba. This is an unprecedented event. Why do top players - the United States, the Vatican, Germany, France -  suddenly begin to seek mutual understanding with Russia?"

"This is definitely a landmark event that has its nuances, such as, for example, the fact that the Vatican Bank suffered from the attack of US banks. The Catholic financial system needs to ensure its security, and Russia can help them. The most important thing in the forthcoming meeting in Cuba is the meeting between the two Churches. The leaders of the Churches will speak about the need to renounce proselytism, ecumenism for the sake of understanding and union against the backdrop of two major threats.

"It goes about the loss of religious meaning in human life and aggressive movements in Islam. The most important goal is to bring faith back to people's lives. In recent history, there was a precedent, when in 2010, a delegation of the Roman Catholic Church, on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI, gifted relics of St. Andrew to the Metropolitan District of the Russian Orthodox Church in Kazakhstan."

Interview conducted by Nina Leontieva


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