Harmful effects of gay marriage in society

By Petri Paavola

At first, I emphasize that my article is not homophobic and hate speech, but viewpoint considering harmful and problematic effects that legalizing of the gay marriages causes. I live in Finland and I study this subject from the national perspective and also world wide. My article deals with matters that are very often overlooked or has not observed.

Children's rights

Gender-neutral marriage law offends children's rights. At the beginning of mankind's history the natural order and human biology have produced children as the result of the love between man and woman. Biological order has decided that children's parents are mother and father. If we change this natural order as unnatural so it shall cause many problems.

Of course, there are deviation from the natural order. These are like example the death of parents, divorce and custody of children if parents can't look after them. According to natural order every child has mother and father.

Gay marriage cause problem for children's growth, development and maturation that are living with gay family. The relationship of a girl to her mother is very important that she can grow as a woman. A man (two homosexual males) can't confirm and contribute womanhood of a girl. A mother can do it and it happens naturally by maternal instinct and love of the mother. The lack of maternal love cause insecurity and weak self-esteem as a woman to girls who have grown without maternal love. It is natural for mother to show and express tender and womanly emotions toward her daughter.

When a girl doesn't have a mother and a man raises her, so her growth and development as a woman brings out to her great problem to show and express motherly and womanly emotions. A girl grows as a woman identifying herself to her mother, learning from her mother the roles and behaviour of a woman. Identifying to mother brings to a girl security and a sense being a woman. If she doesn't have maternal love, so her development and maturation as a woman can cause problems and difficult disorder in her mind and personality.

Two homosexual males can't support and confirm the development and maturation of a girl to become a feminine woman. The family model of two homosexual fathers and a girl distorts the self-image of a girl. It is also clear that if two homosexual males raise a boy, so he also needs maternal love. The same kind of difficulties affects on lesbian family. The best and natural development and upbringing environment for children is that they have a mother and father.

External adoption rights for same sex couples offend the rights of children, because every child must have the right to mother and father. This is the basic right of all children on the basis of natural and biological order. This should be also the right of every adopted child.

The gay couple can't show and express to child maternal emotions and the love of a mother and that is very important for the development of a child. Lesbian couple can't show and express to child paternal emotions and the love of a father that is very important for the development of a child. The need of a child is a mother and a father, which is an undisputed truth of natural order.

The conflict and deception of a Finnish citizen bill for changing the marriage law

Here in Finland many gay movement people and those who support gay marriages have made the citizen bill for changing the marriage law. The citizen bill has presented to members of Finnish Parliament. The citizen bill suggests that it doesn't interfere the rights of churches and religious communities to arrange marriages. The citizen bill said that every church and religious communities would have in the future independent right to decide arranging marriage as they want and they don't have to marry homosexuals if they don't want to do it.

The citizen bill is in conflict with itself, because it also says that every Finnish citizen must have equal and egalitarian right to the marriage and also homosexual must have this same right. The conflict is there that the citizen bill gives to churches and religious communities' rights to forbid marrying homosexuals, but says that every citizen also homosexuals must have rights to get marriage.

Here in Finland are homosexuals who are members of the Finnish Lutheran Church and according to suggestion of the citizen bill they can't marry in the church even if they wanted, but homosexuals who are not members of Lutheran Church could have right to the marriage in the magistrate. This means that those two gay couple examples would be in unequal status.

Writers of the Finnish citizen bill haven't made this conflict by accident or thoughtlessly, but on purpose as the strategy to show later this conflict and demand to churches and religious communities to obey Finnish marriage law rights to marry also homosexuals. Strategy can be also such kind of that this conflict would lead to situation, in which to churches and religious communities would cancelled rights to arrange marriage and all marriages would confirmed by the magistrate. The people behind the Finnish citizen bill have the goal to destroy traditional marriage between a man and a woman. Before mentioning purposeful conflict shows that this citizen bill is deceit and cheat.

Finnish gay movement  (Seta - LGBTI Rights in Finland) say that they fight for human rights and equality and that their aim is a society of equality and individual welfare that includes everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. This is not true, because Seta's tolerance is selective and by this action they offend human rights, equality and right to choose freely sexual identity.

Seta advocates very actively equality and rights to be a homosexual, in which Seta support in every way. When is a question a homosexual who wants to choose the heterosexual lifestyle and identity, so Seta tries in every way that he wouldn't choose a heterosexual identity. Seta has no equality to people who don't want to be homosexuals and want to choose heterosexualism. Seta's crusades and campaigns for the matter that homosexual can't be heterosexual. The fact is that many homosexuals have become heterosexuals and are happy people as heterosexuals. Seta's tolerance, equality and sexual orientation freedom are selective and intolerant toward those who are homosexual and want to choose heterosexuality. Seta is practising misleading human rights and equality. You can also call it as the deception. I'm not provoking anybody to resist or slander Seta and gay movements, but brought forth very clear conflict from the action of Seta and gay movements.

Situation in France, England, America and Netherlands

In France gay marriages were accepted and legalized 2013. Gay marriages are dividing very strongly people in France. Demonstrations and protests against gay marriages are gathering ten of thousand people and also some politicians demand cancelling or changing the gay marriage law.

In France people protest and resist the gay marriage, because it offends children's rights. People who protest against gay marriages say that every child's right is to have a mother and a father. In France also some homosexuals resist gender-neutral marriage law saying that it offends the children's rights to have a mother and a father.

In France people are afraid that homosexual adoption rights lead allowing infertility treatments and surrogacy (surrogate mother) that gays and lesbian could adopt children by this way. People afraid that infertility treatments would be make in abroad and after that for example French lesbian couple could return to France with child and adopt a child there.

In France many UMP party members suggest changing of the marriage law or its annulment. Former president Nicolas Sarkozy has supported intentions to change the marriage law.

In England David Cameron says that he never expected such an uproar that gay marriage has caused. The Prime Minister said that although he remained a committed supporter of gay marriage, he regretted the uproar the policy had caused in the Parliamentary and voluntary party. He admitted he had under-estimated the scale of the opposition from his own supporters and the Church. David Cameron has expressed private regret over his decision to push through gay marriage legislation. He said if I would know what it was going to be like, I wouldn't have done it.

In America state of Massachusetts is also problems after legalizing gay marriages. Adoption processes are open to gay couples. The legislation has changed and the marriage is not anymore between man and woman, but between individual A and individual B. The marriage is defined as sexless. Department of Public Health in Massachusetts has changed. Healthcare doesn't hold serious and dangerous sex diseases as a problem caused by homosexuality. Massachusetts has resigned some medical doctors who have warned about sex diseases that homosexuality causes. In Massachusetts gay activists have persecuted Christian Churches and communities. The rates of domestic violence among homosexual couples is much higher than that for heterosexual couples. It's become such a big problem (due to the dysfunctional nature of homosexuality in general) that the state legislature is having to target considerably more money toward this problem.

In the Netherlands the Party for Neighborly Love, Freedom, and Diversity or The Charity, Freedom and Diversity Party (Partij voor Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit, PNVD) has a goal to reduce the limit of underage sexual relationship from 16 to 12 years. They also demanded legalizing of child pornography and sex between human and animal. All this has occurred after legalizing gay marriages. Court of the Netherlands has decided that they can't forbid or confine by the law's existence of PNVD party. In the Netherlands people have resisted PNVD party saying that its action threatens the foundations of a democratic country.

The Netherlands example shows that when the society accepts things that are not according to natural order, so it will increase demands to legalize pedophilia and abnormal sex between human and animal. These kind of abnormalities will also demand "equality" and "freedom" to practise abnormal sex tendencies. If the society wants to observe the real equality between individuals, so it must draw the line and law according to things that are accordance with natural order tendencies. If this line and law are not drawn, so it means destroying of the societies by immorality.

The undeniable fact is that every child are missing and desiring the presence of their biological parents, and adopted child would want to have a mother and a father. Inside of a child's heart is a biological need and desire to experience the love and care of a mother and a father. I'm sure that we don't want to be remembered in history as an individual who transgressed children's rights. Ancient cultures which accepted gender-neutral relationships with same sex have collapsed for the sake of this transgression against the natural order. Are we a people who want to repeat the errors of the history? Or are we so intelligent people that we have learned from the errors of history and don't repeat them.

If we know from the history that a certain thing will destroy the foundations of society and we anyhow repeat the same error, so then is in question about stupidity. I hope that you understand what is the real human right and you begin to act preventing those things that threatens them. You can decide that will you choose supporting abnormality or natural order. My choice is a natural order, in other words, family model, in which a child has a mother and a father.

Petri Paavola


Author's grammar and syntax left unedited for this publication 

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