Russia will save the world, as predicted

Has the world come to the point, beyond which it is expected to disappear as a civilization? Yet, the recipe for the salvation of our civilization was proposed two thousand years ago. The helplessness of religion in implementing the ideas of Christ is evident. The leader of the new Russia took on those functions. The convoy, which now travels to Ukraine is the convoy of love.

Yesterday's news reports were focused on two main topics. The first one of them was about the white column of trucks carrying humanitarian aid. Moving in the dark, the white column appears like a ray of light. The second one was the speech from the prime minister of Ukraine, Yatsenyuk, at the parliament, where he, with foam at the mouth, was demanding the imposition of sanctions on the Russian Federation.

As for the convoy, the media discuss several reasons of why Russia has taken on such an unprecedented step. It is quite obvious that the probability for the cargo to reach the point of destination is extremely small. It is highly likely that the cargo will be plundered or used for the needs of Kiev. Some say that the convoy is a version of the Trojan horse. Some believe that after the convoy crosses the border, it will deliver an absolutely different cargo to Luhansk and Donetsk. This is the point of view of Ukrainian bloggers and also, for example, of former adviser to President Vladimir Putin, Andrei Illarionov, who appeared on the air of a Ukrainian TV channel. "Right now, the attention is focused on the column, which is routed through Voronezh in the Kharkov region. Nobody knows anything about similar columns that may now be traveling to Luhansk and Donetsk regions," Illarionov presumed.  According to him, the agreement to receive "humanitarian aid" from Russia legalizes an opportunity for trucks "loaded with something else" to penetrate on the territory of Ukraine.

Other, more intelligent writers, such as Simon Schuster suggested on the pages of Time that the convoy was, of course, a humanitarian one. According to him, Russia sent the convoy to Ukraine's Donbass over Putin's preoccupation with his own rating, rather than people's pain and grief. In addition, he wrote, if Putin wanted to attack Ukraine, he would not have to resort to such a complex and risky scheme. Russia can go on the offensive in several hours , while maintaining an element of surprise, Schuster believes.

Western writers claim that Putin has lost the sense of reality, and his "increased appetite" threatens not only the entire so-called "post-Soviet space", but also the whole of Europe and even the world. The West and its henchmen in Kiev can not understand what the Russian president was guided with in coordinating the issues of humanitarian assistance through humiliating talks with the "enemy of the Russian world." But, as a classic said, "you can not understand Russia with your mind." The president was not shuffling conscious calculations - he was guided with compassion when he was sending the column to Ukraine. Consciousness is the support of the Catholic and Protestant faiths, were the postulate is: "the richer you are, the more love from God you receive." Orthodoxy has a different message: "The more you suffer, the more purified your soul gets." Soul is the basis of Orthodox faith.

How can one co-exist in the scale of civilization? Russia, though many years of existence and suffering has earned the leader, who thinks dialectically. He does not trust the completely utopian idea of communism, nor does he worship the liberal material idea: the greater the consumption, the greater the state. He had lived in the West for long and understands the Western way of thinking, but he is an Orthodox believer. For him, it is soul and its quality - love - that comes first. In Christianity, this quality is the main driving force behind the development of the universe. This is what Christ was preaching, when he was trying to preserve love, when he was expelling traders from the temple, when he suffered humiliation, abuse, betrayal and when he died on the cross.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ gave a recipe for the salvation of our civilization, but the main conductor of the idea - the church - has not coped with the implementation of this idea in the mind of man. Is it the voice of church that we can hear today in the media? Is it not blasphemy when Patriarch Filaret (the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church) calls for a murderous war? "Ukraine must close the border and eliminate all terrorists. Invaders have broken into our home, and we must kick the enemy out. If there are sincere believers among residents of Donbass, they should not kill their own citizens. Those who came from abroad for the money to kill Ukrainians should be eliminated," Filaret said.  

The Ukrainian crisis shows that the world is standing on the brink of disaster and extinction. The failure to understand each other's positions has reached its climax. The principle of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" manifests itself in its broadest embodiment. People have completely forgotten that one of the basic laws of the universe is unity in the struggle of opposites.

Russia saves Ukrainian servicemen and sends humanitarian cargo, which may not reach its destination. Many prophets predicted that Russia would save the world and civilization. It appears that the beginnings of this new civilization we can now see on the example of the Russian humanitarian aid convoy, which, like a white angel, is traveling through the darkness of hatred.

Lyuba Lulko


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov