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Another day and another new bold whopper cooked out of the Washington stinky oven! The White House walls are turning gray from the smoke screens.

Again the ultra-liberal left New York Times along with the ultra-right New York Post, run by the neo con Rupert Murdock paper, sound like parrots bashing Russia, repeating the same old lies collected from Kiev junta, such as the fiction that Russia was shelling Luhansk or forming a heavy army to attack Ukraine! 

With no evidence at hands, perky Marie Harf bullied reporters seeking the truth.

An AP representative inquired: "So, are you telling us you don't have evidence but we must believe you no matter what you are saying?"

Harf: "The intelligence told us so."

AP: "Does than mean that whatever Washington says we just have to believe unconditionally?"

Harf :"Do you want to hear the news?"

AP: "Perhaps you might have YouTube or some kind of report from the social media?"

Harf: "As I said in the beginning, we don't have evidence, but we know it's true! Next question!"

Where do they breed such spokespersons? First was Jennifer Psaki, whose obsession with her hair was as obnoxious as her answers, now another birdie, Marie Harf?

This finger pointing of the direct involvement of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, in the East Ukraine has no proof or official credentials. Here are the excerpts from the NYT, July 26, 2014:  "American and Ukrainian officials said Russia has moved beyond simply helping separatists and is now engaging directly in the war. Multiple Ukrainian military planes have been brought down in recent days by missiles fired from Russian territory, and now artillery batteries are firing from across the border into Ukraine, the officials said. We have detected that firing and that does represent an escalation in this conflict," said Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary.

This is a heinous lie and we are supposed to swallow it? Moscow categorically denies the outright blunt accusation. Show us the satellite images to support your fabrication, Mr. Earnest! Your statement doesn't matching your last name; there is no 'earnest' in it, but an empty bubble!

On the other side, I'm amazed by the President Putin's patience! His territory was shelled from two different checkpoints between Russian and Ukraine leaving a sixty four-year-old Russian man from Rostov, a father of four, dead and two injured, including an eighty-year-old woman.  A recent new shelling on the border of Kuibyshev left a woman with a serious head concussion after a ballistic wave from the blast had threw her to the other side of her house!

The recent phosphorous shelling by the Kiev junta on Donetsk, and earlier in Luhansk, were observed by the International Human Right representatives. Where are their publicly written testimonies? This sort of military usage was forbidden since the war on Vietnam! Why doesn't The New York Times write about it? Where is CNN with his Anderson Cooper investigation crew? No guts?

Meanwhile the Russian hospital in Rostov nursed to health sixteen Ukrainian soldiers seeking help from serious injuries. The doctor mobilized all nurses even those who were on vacation to perform lifesaving surgeries.  Those were the same soldiers who murdered many innocent civilians in the East region, but after retaliation from the DNR resistance army they brokered help from the Ukrainian custom borders officers and crossed the border to Russia to seek treatment.  During two interviews with them before and after their recovery, all admitted that their own authorities denied help and refused to fly them to a West Ukrainian hospital.  They promised not to be redeployed to fight with the separatists ever again.  One of the soldier's mothers arrived in Russia to collect her son personally and expressed her endless gratitude towards the Russian medics. The rest were sent back home by plane.

Today a new heavy wounded group of soldiers from the Kiev junta asked for Russian help to get an immediate medical treatment.  Only last month they jumped like possessed people screaming: "Who is not jumping that is Moscal and death to Russians!" Suddenly they feel confident that Russia is not an enemy, but a savior. 

None of this you can read from any media outlets, but on private blogs.

While America blames Russia for being a mother of all crimes they continue to accept refugees from South and East Ukraine with large families, supplying them with housing, clothes, food, toys for children and TVs so that they could watch the news and check on their loved ones who refused to leave their houses or what's left of them.  Over a half million Russian speaking Ukrainians found harbor in Russia; hundreds thousands of them pleading for Russian citizenship.  If Russia was shelling at them why did the refugees run to Russia, not Kiev? I don't see the logic! Do you?

Right now there is the media outrage towards Israel, which has been shelling Palestine for eighteen days, killing over eight hundred civilians. I can understand that!  I would have joined the march myself if one was originated in New York City. Not a chance, New York is a pro-Israel, bias State!

The death toll in East and South of Ukraine is twice as much.  Where is the public outrage and demonstrations? As I write, I learned today the warm-hearted people of Madrid organized a demonstration in front of U.S. embassy shouting in unison to stop the bloody murders in Donetsk, Luhansk and Donbas, accusing the White House of orchestrating it!

Now the sickening part of my news. Today, on the front page, the New York Post featured  the shock effect of the century, photo titled: "Pretty Ugly: Ukraine gal wears mascara of Flt. 17 victims."  The picture of a good looking girl parading mascara with the text apparently taking from her Instagram account and reads: "Mascara from Amsterdam: to be precise, from the field. A looter gave it to me."  The signed name was Ekaterina Parkhomenko. Her account is now vanished, but not before the damage was done.

Who would be posting such a sacrilegious statement and capitalize on the tragedy? Families are still mourning their loved ones. Whose interest is it to add hatred towards Russia and Russian speaking Ukrainians? I doubt Ekaterina Parkhomenko exists. Is Washington getting more inventive to bulldoze Eastern Ukraine with the final blow?


July 26, 2014

Victoria F. Lee


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