Ukraine wants 'hope of the nation' dead for fascist ideas

The Kiev authorities announced general mobilization in Ukraine again. School graduates, 18-year-old boys and those, who were excluded from high schools, will be sent to serve in the country's hell hole - Donbas. Those who refuse to shoot at civilians may face crucial points in their lives, and court martial may not seem to be the most terrible one of them. 

A curious photo has recently appeared on the internet. The photo, taken in one of Moscow's underground passages, is an ad that calls upon all Ukrainians living, working or studying in Russia to leave the "aggressor" country and come home to Ukraine to defend their fatherland and prevent Third World War. 

As the ad says, all potential volunteers will receive very good compensations from the United States and the European Union for their army service afterwards. Students are promised free education in best colleges of the West, guest-workers will have a variety of high-paid jobs to choose from. It is not clear, though, why Ukrainian patriots can not receive all these benefits now.  

All these promises, just like the promises of better future of living in the European Union, sound very attracting to common Ukrainians. For example, service in the National Guard and other punitive divisions of the Ukrainian army can bring the profit of up to $6,000 a month. In case of victory, soldiers will receive free apartments - the ones that will be taken away from "Jews and Russians." 

As a matter of fact, the real state of affairs in the monetary allowance for members of punitive units is the same as it is with "free education in best Western colleges." A serviceman receives 450 dollars a month; an officer - $1,500. Even this money that comes from oligarch Kolomoisky, the primary sponsor of punitive army units, comes with delays. 

Such ads display a very interesting detail. The recruiting campaign in Ukraine is under the threat of failure. They now ask three million of the Ukrainains residing in Russia to return to their homeland for help. Turchynov, the head of the Kiev junta, canceled the law of his predecessor, Yanukovych, about the transition of the Ukrainian Army to the contractual basis. Instead, it was decided to recruit young men (children) from 18 years of age. 

There is a serious shortage of recruits in Ukraine now. The Donetsk and Lugansk regions do not provide conscripts anymore. Young men from northern, central and partially southern regions of Ukraine have to take the blow first. Moreover, according to Turchynov's decree, the recruiting campaign will last in the country on July 1-31. This is exactly the time, when schoolboys, who turned 18, will not be able to become students and receive the right for determent. It is impossible to make a young man become a soldier in several days, or even weeks. 

On May 17, ten fighters of the Ukrainian army were killed near Slavyansk. They - 53 men - did not want to side with the local militia, but they did refuse to shoot at their own people. The commanders decided to arrange the  execution of every tenth "traitor." However, Kiev officials ordered to execute every fifth one of them. The result of the story - ten soldiers were killed. Of course, the junta said that they were "terrorists" and "Russian agents." 

According to sources from the militia, On May 24, several dozens of fighters of the Ukrainian army were executed by Right Sector activists in the Lugansk region during an attempt to surrender to self-defense forces. Afterwards, a checkpoint of the Ukrainian army was destroyed near Donetsk - at least 15 were killed. The attackers arrived on special vehicles of Privatbank, owned by one of the main figures of the junta, oligarch Kolomoisky. The guards of the checkpoint let them in easily. In a few moments, the newcomers opened fire on the fighters. Several days before that, the Ukrainian soldiers had refused to execute the criminal order - they said that they would not shoot at civilians.

Why does the criminal Ukrainian government want to exterminate the youth, the "hope of the nation," as they call them? The only goal is to destroy the forces of the south-east that rebelled against the fascist government. Turchynov, Yatsenyuk, Poroshenko and the ilk need to have this picture: "Russian aggressors kill young Ukrainian soldiers (children)." 

Speculating on sacrifice has been a trump card of Ukrainian nationalists for ages. For example, one of the most well-known episodes of the Civil War is the battle of Kruty, where tens of Kiev students were killed as they tried to stop a group of Bolshevik fighters, who were going towards Kiev. 

The sitting Kiev junta wants this kind of battles all over Donbass now. Unfortunately, most of the Ukrainian electorate, zombiefied by pro-Western media, do not even try to understand the point of the cynical games of the Kiev officials. Therefore, the puppet of Washington and Brussels, who will take the post of the Ukrainian president, will be able to continue with his adventure for the sake of the phantom unity of the already dismembered Ukraine. 

Yury Novovsky


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov