Like Sodom and Gomorrah, Europe to turn into Dead Sea

Many Russians can not understand the things that are currently happening in the Western world. As for social policies in Europe, they have taken the shape of humorless grotesque. Sex minorities attempt to take family values under control with an aim to produce a new generation through the "backdoor." Editor-in-chief of Pravda.Ru, Inna Novikova, talked about with with Finnish journalist Johan Backman.

"Pravda.Ru" has written a lot about the problem that Russian women face in Finland after they married Finnish men, moved abroad and gave birth there. By decision of local authorities, their children would be taken away from them. Does it happen to Finnish families in general?"

"Today's Finland follows the liberal ideology of Western countries, where they aggressively promote anti-child, anti-family and homosexual values. Children are out of fashion today, and this trend can be observed throughout the West."

"Is it promoted as a value of freedom of mankind? Is it fashionable to be gay? And if you're a heterosexual, does it mean that it will be more difficult to make a good career?"

"Yes, it is fashionable to become homosexual. Not to be one, but to become one. Homosexuality today is a choice of profession, a very profitable profession. In the West, and in Finland there is large-scale propaganda of homosexuality being conducted, and it comes from the people, who have made the decision to become professional homosexuals."

"Why are there so many of them?"

"Because they want to get power into their hands."

"Today, they want to destroy traditional family values, and then traditional family in general. They conduct anti-family propaganda opposing heterosexuality and constantly try to justify the rule of homosexual relations. In Finland, there is a newspaper called Helsingin Sanomat, which, incidentally, is strongly an anti-Russian publication. The paper has long pursued aggressive homosexual propaganda. For example, they have recently published an article, in which some scientist from the Helsinki University stated that homosexuality was typical among animals, that it was normal and even beneficial for evolution. Animals are better off when they have a lot of homosexual relations. And the conclusion is: this is true for human beings too ..."

"I spoke with a colleague of mine, who lives in Berlin, where, as in London  nobody hides their orientation. She said that "we are all convinced that these are machinations of Islamic fundamentalism, Arab countries  "to destroy the European civilization. In the Arab countries, everything is strict when it comes to homosexuality - they stone people to death and cut their heads off for homosexuality."

"What is happening now is nothing but terrorism against normal people. Those propagandizing homosexuality organized a system of political terror against normal people. They lobby for their interests, new laws, and their main goal is to get into power.

"Here in Finland, a person, who was known for his homosexual orientation, could become the president. In other countries, many ministers are homosexuals. The new Minister of National Development of Finland, who is responsible for all state-owned enterprises, is an active and well-known homosexual. Haavisto Pekka successfully ran for president in Finland in 2012. He has a husband, 30 years younger than him, from South America. Words like "husband and wife" are no longer trendy here. They go everywhere together and advertise their relationship. They turned the campaign into a gay parade. Pekka Haavisto said that things like "if you do not vote for me, you are not tolerant, all tolerant people vote for me." Well, of course, every person wants to be tolerant. Can you imagine how strong this psychological pressure is?"

"Are there any classic moral values left in the society?"

"We have no such notion as "untraditional sexual orientation." They consider themselves normal, and all the rest are defective. So, for them, a normal person is someone, who comes out as a homosexual at early childhood. They promote it all for children, so that children could have a right to choose their orientation."

"They also need to edit all textbooks, books, even fairy tales to give all texts a neutral tone. If there is a prince and princess, then they see it as a discrimination of homosexuality. Two princes or two princesses are fine. They promote their goals in a way so that normal people would constantly feel guilty of being intolerant.

"What about famous fairy tale "Cinderella?" There are no two princes there - there is one prince and one Cinderella?"

"They perceive it as discrimination against homosexuals."

"I understand that the process has gone very deep, we know how it ended up in Sodom and Gomorrah. Instead of these wonderful cities, there is now the Dead Sea. What will happen to Europe?"

"The Dead Sea is likely to be the size of Europe, if it all continue."


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov