Urban legends: Poltergeist in the Caucasus

No one is surprised by various anomalous phenomena any more. Yet, the events that took place near the town of Gori (Georgia) surprised even seasoned researchers. Here strange characters emerge on the walls, and some otherworldly creature terrorizes not only adults but also children. Home owners believe that it is a ghost of a young lady.

Poltergeist began bothering the Okropiridze family fifteen years ago. Once, someone invisible cut a strand of their child's hair. A year later, someone brought this hair to the boy's mother Nato, and she heard a voice: "Do you remember this hair?"

A few months ago Nato's husband brought into the house an icon given to him as a gift. Apparently, the ghost did not like it. After that silhouettes of grave crosses began appearing in the corner of one of the rooms. Once, an image of the Georgian flag with five crosses on it appeared. These symbols were captured on film by members of a local television crew that visited the house.

The head of the family Merab Okropiridze said that he saw an image of an unknown young lady with his own eyes. The ghost patted Merab on the shoulders and then disappeared into another room.

But these were relatively harmless pranks. Once, the ghost showed its evil nature by trying to kill Merab's grandson. Nato decided to go into the bedroom but could not open the door as if it was locked from the inside. "I fell asleep in the front room," said the woman. "I woke up and saw that my child was climbing up the wall. I said: "Lasha, Lasha, where are you going?" And he replied: "Rats are calling me to the roof." What would happen if the mother did not see him?

After several unpleasant incidents the family was forced to move to their relatives' house. TV reporters who came to shoot a story about poltergeists brought along a medium Irakli Shonia. He said that the spirit was not dangerous to humans, and the crosses that appeared on the walls even emitted good energy. However, the home owners were in no hurry to return to their home, at least until the house was sanctified.

Interestingly enough, Joseph Stalin (then Jugashvili) was born in Gori in 1879, and his house now hosting a museum is located in this city. Could it be connected in some way with a poltergeist in the house of Okropiridze? Paranormal phenomena are evidenced in many places associated with the name of Stalin. For example, not so long ago there was information about poltergeist in the house of the Cheremnikh family in Sochi, located next door to the former Stalin dacha. The building now hosts a prestigious resort. No one heard about any oddities there, but the rumors of a ghost of the leader roaming the neighborhood persist. The Cheremnikh family that recently moved to Sochi heard the rumors as well. Soon the family began to notice strange things in their house.

A chandelier hanging in the bedroom suddenly started moving up and down. The clock hands for no apparent reason jumped back an hour. Pictures on the walls started vibrating from time to time, and somehow one of them fell off the wall when no one was there. All these events scared the family so much that they decided to turn to a local psychic Alexander Osipov. He was showed a video with moving objects filmed by Lyudmila Cheremnikh. The psychic, however, has not found any otherworldly energy but advised to remove all sea-related items from the house.

The expert said that ordinary sea shells, thanks to their spiral shape, are capable of enhancing human bio-field waves. People's sensory-emotional experience is increased, and it can occur even on a physical level. As for the "jumping" chandelier, according to Alexander, there is nothing mysterious here at all, and it was swinging moved by the air flow passing under the ceiling. It should be fixed better. The episodes with pictures and a clock are more difficult to explain. The sensitive house owner removed seashells from the house.

Irina Shlionskaya

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov