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Holland promises paradise to all gays of Russia

Dutch authorities have officially declared that their country was ready to accept all Russian gays and lesbians who are allegedly suffering at home. All of them were promised political refugees the status. However, many observers believe that Amsterdam needs to slow down with such initiatives as they will not do the country any good.

Dutch foreign minister Frans Timmermans said that given the plight of gays and lesbians in Russia, the Dutch government was ready to grant them political asylum. On Tuesday Frans Timmermans sent a letter to the parliament where he again condemned the Russian law banning the propaganda of homosexuality among minors.

"The anti-homosexuality propaganda law has a stigmatizing and discriminatory effect and contributes to a climate of homophobia," Reuters quoted the Minister. He added that inhumane treatment or violation of the fundamental rights of Russian lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people could be grounds for asylum.

One can see two aspects in the Minister's demarche, political and moral. The Western media wrote that this was a continuation of the last month scandal that began after the detainment of the Greenpeace vessel under the Dutch flag when trying to assault a Gazprom drilling platform in the Arctic. Then there were the attacks on diplomats in The Hague and Moscow, and in the Moscow attack the unknown left an inscription LGBT on the mirror. A Reuters correspondent said that the Minister wrote the letter at the wrong time, a few days before the visit of the Dutch King Willem - Alexander to Russia. The King will meet with President Vladimir Putin to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties.

"From the point of view of Western elites - Dutch, German, French, English (the countries with equal marriage rights for traditional and non-traditional couples), the Russian law banning the promotion of homosexuality was perceived as a departure to the Middle Ages," told Pravda.Ru scientific director of German-Russian Forum Alexander Rahr. "This is a topic that has been much exaggerated in the West, and Timmermans' statement does not surprise me. I heard similar statements (about political asylum for gays) from many NGOs protecting human rights in Europe. This means that we can expect the development of the topic at the EU level, and the trend will be getting stronger up to the Olympic Games in Sochi." The expert does not think that Timmermans' statement is associated with the visit of the royal couple and the latest scandals.

"Timmermans did what he had to do. This is a discriminatory law, and if the Netherlands can grant political asylum to the discriminated minorities, this is great," told Pravda.Ru Nikolai Bayev, an activist of the Russian LGBT movement.  "The law creates the environment of intolerance, hatred, for example, now gay teachers are forced to resign," the activist said. "This is another slap on the face to the Putin's regime. But this is no one's fault but ours. Had we not adopted this law, no one would slap us on the face," the activist argued. 

The Netherlands takes an aggressive stance choosing Russia and not Saudi Arabia as the addressee of its "humanitarian" attack. Throughout the year, the Year of Russia- the Netherlands relations, the Dutch consul in Moscow Yenes de Mol led discussions with the Russian government explaining the inappropriateness of oppressing sexual minorities.

The dialogue was conducted at a high level. Russian President Vladimir Putin had the following response to the persistent attempts: "In Moscow, there are certain attitudes, but I can hardly imagine that a court in Moscow would allow an organization promoting pedophilia to function. I think that in some regions of the Russian Federation people would take up arms. This applies to sexual minorities: I can hardly imagine that in Chechnya same-sex marriages would be allowed. Can you imagine that? There would be victims," Vladimir Putin said at a press conference after a meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Now let's talk about the moral aspect. Who wants to corrupt the Russian people, taking orders from the strong master? The Netherlands is among the ten most atheistic countries in the world, with 39 - 44 percent of non-believers. The Netherlands has legalized prostitution (2000) and the use of recreational drugs (1976), which led to an increase in crime and the decline of morality.

Sale and use of marijuana and hashish are out of control of the government, and addicts from all over the world are drawn to the country. This was recognized by local experts who are sounding the alarm saying that the Netherlands has become a drug trafficking transit point. According to the law enforcement agencies of France and the United Kingdom, approximately 80 percent of the heroin trafficked into these countries comes through the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

In 2001, the Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriages and allowed same-sex couples to adopt children. While the West is confidently following along the beaten path, the Dutch went ahead and officially registered the party of pedophiles "Charity, Freedom and Diversity" (PNVD). Among its demands is the reduction of the age limit for entry into sexual relationships (from 16 to 12 years old) and legalization of child porn. The Netherlands allows euthanasia and incest for people over the age of 18, and bestiality became illegal only in 2010 (however, the study of the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad revealed that Dutch distributors are responsible for 80 percent of the global share of videos with scenes of bestiality.

Answering the question whether a mass exodus of Russian gays to the Netherlands at the invitation of Timmermans should be expected, Alexander Rahr said that it depends on whether they would feel persecuted. "I don't think so, and we all know that the law is not aimed at prosecuting them, it simply prohibits gay pride parades and propaganda. I think that the Russian gay minority understands this," Alexander Rahr told According to the LGBT activist Nikolai Bayev, emigration has been ongoing for a long time. "People leave not only for the Netherlands but also the U.S., other European Union countries. It's hard to talk about mass nature of immigration because people simply do not have the money, especially in the provinces, where homophobia is much stronger."

The moral values ​​of civilization were formed over the centuries. If they are not followed, then people get killed in disasters or dye out. Today, under the banner of liberalism and tolerance perverts are legalized in the Western society. The Netherlands acts as the flagship. What do you call a society that decriminalizes abortion at late terms, legalizes euthanasia, bestiality, incest, prostitution, and drugs? What do you call the country that is ready to declare a man and a cow a "married couple" and entrust them with raising children? Perhaps it is not an accident that in all the apocalyptic predictions the Netherlands is the first on the list to disappear.

Lyuba Lulko


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