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Maya Civilization and Russian Eclipse


By Qasim Raza

A tapir was madly running in a dense forest of Central America. The tapir was being chased by a team of hunters. These hunters were skillfully using hunting techniques so as to compel the tapir to run towards the trap. The moment the tapir came in contact with trap, a swinging branch having lethal spikes over it pierces into the tapir. The tapir was hunted. The hunters plucked the tapir out from its affliction. Team of hunters then divided meat of tapir among them.

After division of meat, the hunters went back to their village. Their village was situated beneath the jammed trees. They were having a peaceful life over there. Their children used to play with monkeys and cubs. Their women used to cook and take care of the children. Men, apart from hunting, used to gossip with their friends and relatives. In short, combination of various ingredients like belly-laugh of men, hee-haw of children, chit-chat of women, voices of various animals and chirping of birds depicted that it was a peaceful and happy village.

At night, all the villagers gathered around the fire at a common place, and listened to the advices and golden words of the wise man of village. He often warned them about the disease of selfish desire. After listening to him, they used to sing and dance.

One morning, a strange thing happened. On that morning, dog of the village was barking in an extraordinary manner as he was warning the villagers about some danger. No one in the village was prepared to pay heed to the alarming barking of the dog as they were enjoying their sleep. Suddenly, the village was attacked by some anonymous persons, who were brutal and skillful. They butchered the men and women, who showed resistance. Raped the women, and made many a men and women their captives. The captives were skillfully roped with a long bamboo, and they took the captives with them like animals leaving behind the burnt village and weeping children.

The captives were taken to the city of invaders after the miserable journey of two long days. Here one could see open-pit mines of lime stone, where the laborers were spitting blood. Here one could also find the market, where captive women were being traded. The women captives were sent to this market. After leaving women, the male captives were taken to a tunnel, where their bodies were painted in blue by the women reciting rhymes. The walls of the tunnel were having the pictorials of manner of sacrificing humans to please "the god Sun". From the tunnel the captives were escorted to pyramid shaped altar, where they would be sacrificed to appease the "god Sun" as they believed that the lesser growth of crops and assault of sickness over their population was result of wrath of the "god Sun".

The process of sacrificing the humans to appease the "god Sun" was already in progress. The head of captive males from various tribes were being severed. The severed head was rolled down from the pyramid. The turn of the fresh captives to be sacrificed then came. One captive was laid on the altar, his head was severed. Then came the turn of second captive, his head was also severed in performance of ritual of sacrifice. When the turn of third captive came, a strange event happened, solar eclipse took place. The process of sacrifice was put at halt, because they believed that occurring of solar eclipse manifest that their sacrifice have been accepted, and the "god Sun" is now happy with them.      

The remaining captives took a sigh of relief as the solar eclipse had saved their lives. But they were not aware that this relief is temporary as the Chief Priest ordered to dispose them off in training session, as practicing bag, for their soldiers.

It was a tale of Maya Civilization. Another eclipse like that of the solar eclipse has been posted on the world due to the efforts of Russia, which saved the innocent lives of Syrians. Recent Russian-American pact of Geneva between Sergei Lavorv and John Kerry on the issue of chemical weapons of Syria has played a pivotal role to restrain attack of US and allied countries on Syria. The world had seen the immolation of innocent lives of Afghans and Iraqis at the hands of the so-called civilized nations of world. But the intervention of Russia has proved to be a solar eclipse for Syrians immolators. Due to this eclipse the attack of America has although been delayed but there is still a chance for the move of dispose off, because Obama has warned of dire consequences, if Syria refuses to defuse the chemical weapons and John Kerry is also demanding positive response regarding elimination of chemical weapons by Syria in a week. Following question now are of immense importance:-

What will be the duration of this Russian eclipse?

Will America reconsider its policy of immolation during the Current Russian eclipse?

Let see!

Qasim Raza



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