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Child adopted from Russia used as sex slave in Australia, US and Europe

Children's Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov has decided to explain, which terrible crimes Russia has been trying to save its children from by introducing the ban on the adoption of children by foreigners. The official shared a story about two foreigners who "bought" a Russian child, whom they later raped and shot in porn movies.

"American citizens Mark Newton and his partner from New Zealand Peter Truong persuaded a woman from Russia to bear a child for them for $8,000. Having taken the boy, the so-called parents committed acts of a sexual nature with him, filming it all on video and taking pictures of it," Astakhov said.

The child became a victim of at least eight more pedophiles in France, Germany and the United States, "where he was brought specially for making pornographic films," added Astakhov. "Newton has been convicted. He has been sentenced to  40 years in prison. He will have to transfer 400,000 dollars to the child's account. Peter Truong is awaiting for his sentence in New Zealand," Astakhov wrote.

"The adopted Russian boy, who suffered from many years of sex exploitation, has been transferred to an American family," said Astakhov.

Mark Newton was sentence in the U.S. last Friday; the man received the maximum sentence that was possible for this type of crime. Newton was convicted along with a lawyer from Florida and a tennis coach from Michigan, whom American law enforcement agencies managed to detect with the assistance of Australian colleagues. The two Americans were visiting the house of Newton and Truong in San Francisco to take part in the filming of porn videos with the participation of the adopted child, 7 News reports.

The publication found out details of the story. Indeed, the little boy, born by a surrogate mother in Russia and adopted by a gay couple, Newton and Truong, (the pedophiles claim that Newton is the biological father of the child) began acting in porn at the age of 22 months. Typically, it was the child's adoptive parents, who were raping the child. Reporters called the boy Adam; his real name has not been disclosed.  The boy had become the victim of at least eight other pedophiles from Germany, the U.S. and other countries.

In public, Newton and Truong were playing an exemplary family. In 2010, the Australian edition of ABC published an enthusiastic article about them entitled: "Two dads are better than one." The article was illustrated with an idyllic picture of the happy, as it seemed, family.

Adam was taught from infancy that sexual acts committed with a child was an absolutely normal phenomenon. The boy was perceiving everything that was happening to him as something normal. During investigation, police officers questioned the boy, but the child never said a bad word about his two dads, 7 News reports.

The pedophiles were unmasked in mid-2011, when one of the fans of their porn flicks was arrested. Investigators found numerous child porn pictures in the man's computer, including the photos of the Newton and Truong family. Although there was not anything obscene on those photos, the police found them suspicious anyway. 

By the time when the investigation was in full swing, the couple together with the child moved from Australia to the U.S.. In America, the men started to claim that the Australian government was persecuting them because of their sexual orientation. However, soon the Australians found convincing evidence to prove that Adam was subjected to violence, and in the autumn of 2011 the boy was taken away from the adoptive parents. The investigation continued, more evidence was found to prove that the pedophiles tried to contact other children.  However, no facts of violence against other juveniles were found.

"Russian orphans have always attracted foreign perverts due to their availability. Barring foreign adoption, we put a barrier for scoundrels," concluded Astakhov. Russia has recently banned the adoptions of Russian children by American citizens and foreign gay couples. 

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