Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Former Soviet citizen victimized in the USA

By Yury Decyatnik

I was misdiagnosed with having a major mental illness and this misdiagnoses has lead to a profound impact on my life.

During my entire life not one employer or employee ever saw my supposed mental illness. The only exception to this would be when I was forced to take anti psychotic medications. The anti psychotic drugs I was forced to take produced the very symptoms that they were supposed to cure. The taking of anti psychotic drug side effects affected my behavior and performance at work which lead to me being laid off from my job within six months. Prior to that the company had four rounds of layoffs all of which I survived until I was forced to take medication. Within a year of this fake mental illness created a problem for me in the courtroom.

According to my discharge papers from West Seattle Psychiatric Hospital I had no prior mental health issues in the Untied States. It does state that I was treated seven years prior for a mental health issue when I lived in the Ukraine. This is a literal lie. I have had no history of mental health problems. While at Western State Hospital I requested to have interviews recorded. I was told by the hospital staff that the hospital did not have such technology. From my previous experience with psychiatrists I understand that they will lie if they feel they need to. I feel that the interviews should have been recorded. I had been misdiagnosed before and wanted to protect myself from the word of the doctors.

On page four of a Western State Hospital Document, (dated February 14 2003) The Doctor states, "It is also highly likely that he will need to continue lifelong treatment in order to decrease the frequency and duration of illness episodes." However, I have never taken this medication since and have not had any illness. Many people close to me can confirm my statement above. I was falsely diagnosed with both bipolar disorder type 1 and schizoaffective disorder, both which are claimed to be incurable, however, I have not had any symptoms related to these disorders. The social symptoms of the above are poverty, unemployment and homelessness, according to the doctors I would require medications for the rest of my life. In February of 2004 when I was released from immigration custody, I had no home and no belongings, however, by 2006 I had a yearly gross income of $171,673.77. This is not a symptom of the above disorders. My ex-wife labeled me a chronic alcoholic who consumed a fifth of vodka and many beers everyday.

When I came to America I was naïve and idealistic and thought this was a land of common sense and freedom and I trusted all institutions. However I ended up a victim of medical malpractice through psychiatry (medical insurance fraud), which is corrupted by the money of pharmaceutical companies and also a victim of the feminist domestic violence industry. Pharmaceutical companies reap the profits with the help of psychiatrists before they run out of patients. Much evidence exists of corrupt psychiatry, it is not within the scope of this letter to present it all but the documentation is easily accessible. Children in foster homes as young a three are given anti-psychotic medications, this is not just a tragedy, it is a crime. Another good example of the questionable validity of some psychiatric diagnoses and practices is the fact that until 1973, homosexuality was considered a mental disease.

In my family, there is no history or record of mental illness. At age 39 I experienced some stress in my life and I started to suffer from insomnia that was keeping me up sometimes for several days. When my wife said to me, "God told me that demons possess you." If people talk to God its known as prayer, if God talks to people it's an indication of some issue. If my wife had little bit of an IQ she could help me with my insomnia. So I called 911 seeking help. The next thing I know is I woke up in a medical facility surrounded by strange and obviously abnormal patients. I was very frightened and didn't understand what was happening because I did not belong there. That is where I was put on medications against my will and I felt like I had been raped.

While hospitalized my wife came to visit, she was crying while telling me that the doctor told her I was very sick and he asked her how she could even live with me. I was released after two and half weeks on the conditions that, I see a psychiatrist for three months and that, I take medications against my will. The medications I was forced to take were Haldol, Zyprexa and Depakote. They can produce the following side effects: abnormal thoughts, confusion, memory loss, emotional liability, agitation, nervousness, depression, euphoria, delusions, manic reaction, schizophrenic reaction, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, hostility, suicide attempts, and involuntary movements of the arms and legs. I found these side effects on Some of these side effects affected my behavior and ability to work. I was employed by a hi-tech company in the research and development department. After my release from the West Seattle Psychiatric Hospital within 6 months I was laid off. Prior to this I had never been laid off or fired from a job in my life. It is also apparent to me that employers prefer employees with criminal records over employees with mental health records.

And let it be known, that psychiatric labels tend to stick in a way that everything a person does is interpreted in accordance with the diagnostic label once it has been applied. These diagnostics take power and authority over life and worst of all they lead to anti-psychotic medication which damage and disable the brain.

I decided to take a short vacation alone and my ex-wife went ballistic and even involved my parents to try to talk me out of the idea. I told all of them to leave me alone, which they did, but then after a couple hours two police officers showed up at my place. They told me everything was fine, and asked if I would step outside, so I did. They proceeded to tell me that my family was concerned about my state of mind and according to Washington State Law I was to be taken in for 72 hours of observation. At this time, I had no medical insurance and I was released after 3 days, whereas the first time I was admitted I had insurance and was kept for two weeks, the point being that my alleged GAF score was 10, which is described in a document "Persistent danger of severely hurting self or others or persistent inability to maintain minimal personal hygiene or serious suicidal act with clear expectation of death." This score was the same both times; am I only dangerous and need to be medicated against my will when I have health insurance? During this time my ex got a restraining order against me based on multiple lies, the biggest being that I was not working and that I was drinking heavily everyday. The Social Security Administration has my complete income records for the entire time I have been in the USA (this being just one illustration of my wife's willingness to lie under penalty of perjury). When in fact, I first started making money when I was 16. When we got married I was working full time and during the evenings I was a student at Polytechnic University in the USSR. I later found out that during this time my ex was having an affair with a man from the church we attended. It would take me a long time to explain why I chose not to divorce her. In 1990, I moved to the United States, due to my poor English I initially had a difficult time finding a good paying job in my trade, however, until I found meaningful good paying work I worked a full time labor intensive job and a part time evening job. How can she say I wasn't working?

About 4 or 5 years later, I answered the phone one day to find that my wife had been having another affair again with a man from church who was married with children. I wasn't surprised to learn this, her younger brother married my younger sister at the same time of my marriage. In 1989-1990 her brother had an affair with the wife of one of my brothers. What a family?? Maybe the true reason for the restraining order was to keep me away so she could screw the neighbor...i don't know! I was told from friends here in the U.S. that many women lie or tell lies to get restraining orders for reasons of personal gain so I'm actually glad that I no longer stay with her under the same roof.

As a result of the above mentioned restraining order, I temporarily stayed with an acquaintance Mr. Michael Harris on his yacht. When I returned from a short vacation I took, Michael had started to drink again very heavily. He was acting very careless and reckless and was falling asleep with lit cigarettes. I was concerned about safety and decided to move out. In the process of moving I returned to the boat one day to pick up my stuff and was arrested. When questioned by the cops they asked me if love was involved here?? Moreover, I was taken into custody for the crime of theft of a cell phone which I did not have nor did I steal. Yet without any evidence I was charged with the crime. Also, the judge wouldn't release me on a PR. While in jail for misdemeanor theft of the phone I missed a court date concerning the domestic case, despite the fact that I notified many of the jail staff. I was released on bond, at my next hearing my public defender notified me that the courts were attempting to send me to Western State Hospital for a mental evaluation simply because my wife told the courts that I allegedly had mental problems. What kind of justice is this?? Within a few months Mr. Harris had drank himself to death. My guess is that he himself misplaced or lost the phone or perhaps dropped it overboard in a drunken state which he had done with other things. 

After the restraining order, my old neighbor brought me my cloths and books and computer, but I realized after going through some things that all of my books weren't there. I asked him to double check and he said that he brought everything my ex had given him to bring. At this point, I was outraged that a person who doesn't even read let alone have a library card would decide what I could or couldn't read and what books I would get back, all of which I owned! So I took my right to go to her place with a police escort to collect the rest of my books. However, she wouldn't answer the door, not then nor for the next couple of months. I got so upset that one day I decided to go on my own and go through the back entrance to get them. In doing so, I violated the restraining order (which was based on lies) and was soon after placed under arrest and placed in solitary confinement (because my ex called the jail and told them that I have an alleged mental illness). From jail I was sent to Western State Hospital for an evaluation. I was found to be unfit to stand trial and was sent back to jail. Then from jail I was sent back to the hospital to regain competency. At the hospital I was forced to take anti-psychotic drugs to "better" my state of mind. Then at court, I plead guilty to the charge because the medications that I was forced to take in the hospital clouded my judgment. In a couple of weeks instead of being released by my plea bargain I was detained by the INS and spent 16 months in detention but wasn't deported because the Soviet Union was dissolved. So now I am a stateless man without a country and without any rights. After my release, I filed my taxes for the year 2000. In result the IRS owed me approximately $1,500.00 After a few weeks time had passed and I still hadn't received my return so I contacted an IRS agent. I was informed then that I needed additional paper work from my ex-wife because I was still technically married. Similarly, I tried to contact my ex with police escort to get needed paper work but got no response from her. The last time I asked the police to go to the back door and he asked me to stay outside. When he came back out he brought with him another restraining order that was never served to me which stated that I was to appear in court in a couple of days time. Not knowing what to do, I spoke with her pastor to try to get help in dealing with the situation but with no good outcome. At this time my ex stated that I was harassing her and calling her, but it was not possible for me to have a cell phone in my name because of my incarceration of 3 months in King County jail and 16 months in Immigration jail and broken credit history.

The Certification For Determination Of Probable Cause filed by Suzanne Ross says that I was never contacted to validate any of the complaints. If I were, all of this could have been straightened out in a short conversation. I was arrested on completely false allegations and again placed in solitary confinement. My public defender treated me like I actually had a major mental illness which insulted me so I tried to represent myself and the courts again sent me to Western State with the same results as before.

When I reread the statements and paperwork from the hospitals, my blood always boils because of all the lies, the insult on my higher education and intelligence.

At age 39 or 40 your personality doesn't change. How can I suddenly become mentally ill and violent?? Until then I was a harmless, hard working adult man. All of the people who know me; my friends, co-workers, employers don't see any issues with me.

Yury Decyatnik