Man not allowed to join army because of his virginity

A curious story occurred to a 25-year-old conscript in Russia's Ryazan region. The man claims that he was eager to join the army, but he is not allowed to for a very strange reason. The man, only named Alexander, said that he was not allowed to become a soldier because of his virginity. Moreover, military doctors said that the young man should see a psychiatrist.

Alexander has been looking forward to the day when he would finally leave his home in the Ryazan region and join the Russian army. However, circumstances did not allow him to serve his homeland until the age of 25. It was then when Alexander firmly decided that he had to return what he owed to the country, urgently. During the medical examination in the enlistment office, the absolutely healthy man faced an insurmountable obstacle.

"They do not take me to the army, because I have not had a woman," Alexander confessed to Pravda.Ru. "Before I turned 25, I have tried many times to have a relationship with girls, but whenever it came to a serious relationship, they would break up with me under various pretexts. I do not know why it was happening, and, frankly, I did not care about it much until I went to the military enlistment office," the man said. 

Alexander says that he had no idea that a random question from a psychiatrist about his relationships with girls would entail such serious consequences.

"He sent me to a mental hospital! I am an absolutely healthy man, but he sent me there to prove that I was crazy. And all because of a girl? I am absolutely normal person, I grew up in a normal family, graduated from the university of radio engineering and dream to serve in air defense troops. Why do they want to deprive me of that opportunity?"

Pravda.Ru asked officials of the Ryazan military commissariat to comment the story.

"This is unbelievable," the head of the Military Commissariat, Boris Pimenov said. "It's not written on his forehead that he is a virgin! What difference does it make? The man is healthy and suitable for service - that's what's important. I think that the medical committee had other questions about the health of that young man, I'm sure it's not just about his affairs with women. In general, we send every third conscript to psychiatrists - there is nothing to be ashamed of if it happens. If experts confirm that all is fine with the man, no one is going to poke their noses in his private life, so let him serve well."

For the time being, we do not know how the story of the Ryazan conscript is going to end. However, given the upcoming changes in the Russian army, this story does not look so serious and intractable. In the near future, the army will see not only a lot of new, but also well-forgotten changes. For example, political officers will be back in the army (political officers were abolished under the decree from the previous defense minister). These officers will have to know all about their soldiers, including their relationships with the opposite sex.

Deputy commanders for political and patriotic education were irreplaceable in terms of the awareness of servicemen's lives and outlooks. The main task of political officers in the army was to dig into the soul and head of a soldier to bring everything in order, if necessary. The institute of political officers declined together with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Former Defense Minister Serdyukov decided to focus on professional sergeants, rather than political officers. The intention of the former minister to do everything on the Western model led to major reforms in military schools. The project did not work. It would take many years to provide such professionals to the army. Massive dismissal of officers under the guise of army reforms has led to the shortage of officers and depressing statistics. Incidents of hazing have grown by 16 percent; incidents of serious injuries and deaths among conscripts have increased in number as well. The reform of the army is yet to come.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov