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Fairytales about blacks to be banned in Europe

Recently, high-ranking EU officials provided the answer to the question about the gap between fiction and real life. It was discovered that children's stories have a negative impact on the brain of the European kids when they use the word "negro." This is not a curse word, but the kids are not supposed to know it.

Many generations of Germans have been apologizing for the tortured Jews in the concentration camps, while the Russian must repent for the crimes of the Stalin era. Only the Turks are not willing to recognize the Armenian genocide, and their politically correct counterparts - the importation of Africans instead of native Indian population. Instead of admitting guilt of their trafficking ancestors, they thought of an innovation. They offered that politicians omit the word "negro" from their speech. Instead, they call them African Americans. It sounds good, and no one is offended.  

It is understandable when researcher Miklukho-Maclay is called a "white Papuan". Schwarzenegger's last name is pure tautology - "black nigger". What color, may I ask, is a black person - grayish- brownish- crimsonish? During the Russian civil war the Russians were divided into the "white" and "red". There were also "green." In Russia, homosexuals were called "blue" at some point. There are other "colored". But this was before. From now on, we are all white. Any physicist would tell you that the white color is made up of the spectrum. Why did colors disappear from our lives?

German Federal Minister for Family Affairs Kristina Schröder admitted that she did not read her eighteen months old daughter tales considered the world classics. She cannot bring herself to say, for example, that the father of the red-haired Pippi Longstocking was the "King of Negroes" and Jim Button, aka Jim Knopf, a "nigger." If her child was a little older, the mother would have explained her that the word "negro" is offensive to the ear of black residents of planet Earth. In an interview with German newspaper Zeit the first woman minister expressed his personal views about children's education in general and her 18-month-old daughter Lotte in particular.

Poor Lotta will have to stick to the meager reading diet prescribed by her crazy mother. Frau Schroeder denies the works of Astrid Lindgren and the treasury of native German (European, rather) culture. Grimm's fairy tales often seem "sexist" to her due to their lack of "positive female characters." Then mother Schroeder expressed concerns regarding God's gender. Instead of the definite masculine article, before the name of God (der liebe Gott) she suggested using the neuter article: Das liebe Gott. Simply put, God is not male, but something in between, not a man or woman but IT. Interestingly, the German "girl" - Mädchen - has neuter article.  

Schroeder should go to hell with her hang-ups about Santa Claus's gender. Russia' home-grown Father Frost is not only a grandfather, he also has a wench (Snow Maiden). Their Christmas Santa is a loner. Well, maybe he has a couple of deer as friends. Oh wait, Germany has a ban on bestiality. Gay parades are, however, welcomed.

The Minister for Family Affairs is so fond of her child that she is not even ready to lie to her about a nonexistent Christmas Santa. The Minister speaks the truth, explaining her child that Santa Claus does not exist, and instead of Christmas fables is stuffing her immature brain with Darwin's evolution theory. The enlightened mother replaces baby Jesus in the child's mind with an ugly ape. This theory of human development, according to the Minister, is more in line with reality than the traditional Christian legend. Officials, not the scientists, always know the truth.  

There is much talk about European politicians making concessions to their constituencies, consisting almost entirely of immigrants from the Maghreb and Asia. The current president of France went even further, promising "bright future" not to biblical "harlots" but sexual minorities, as if they represent the majority. Western Europeans are losing ground not only in the economy but, most importantly, in culture. One European country recently decided to abandon the Christmas tree, and earlier rejected the organ music. At the same time they keep accusing Muslims of terrorism. The West wants to sit on two chairs at once and then acts surprised when something goes wrong.
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