Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Russian daredevils will never stop to stun foreigners

Unimaginably funny and twisted acts committed by Russian daredevils stun foreigners. After acrobatics stunts without any cords or supports performed by young men at dizzying heights, Europeans were shocked with a stunt committed by a resident of Novosibirsk. The man threw boiling water out of a pan from the balcony of his apartment.

The video, which was uploaded on YouTube last week, shows a young man conducting a a physical experiment to test the evaporation of boiling water under very low temperature. In the beginning of the video, the man demonstrates his iPhone, which shows temperature in the street: -41 degrees Celsius (-105.8F). Then he goes to the balcony and throws boiling water out of the pan from the height of the seventh storey.

Before it reached the ground, the water completely evaporated, turning into a thick column of white fog. The experiment was filmed with the help of two cameras. One man was filming from the apartment, whereas the other one was filming from the ground.

British tabloid The Daily Mail urged its readers not to repeat the dangerous experiment at home, where it may not be as cold as in Russia. In previous articles, British journalists called desperate Russians "daredevils" for their insane, highly risky and dangerous acts committed for the sake of spectacular videos. Fortunately, there was no danger posed to anyone in the video from Siberia. The man could burn passersby with hot water, but the laws of physics worked just right.

 The video has received thousands of views and dozens of enthusiastic comments. Someone posted a very brief, but broad comment: "Glory to Russia!" Many started discussing the video on discussion boards. A person wrote, for example, that at the 53 second of the video, there is a live fly flying on the balcony at -41C. The post received funny replies: "This is a Russian fly, it doesn't give a **** about -41." and "It's a mosquito in a jersey." In fact, it was not a fly, but a bird.

There is another "daredevilish" Russian video that received a lot of attention on the Internet. A young woman, a roofer, walks on the edge of the roof of a Moscow skyscraper. However, it is not the woman's courage that attracted people's attention.

As it can be seen in the video, the camera was fixed to the woman's helmet. There was no point in wearing the helmet, of course: the girl was walking with no safety gear at all. The walk continued for only a couple of minutes.

However, it was not the walk that attracted attention. "She was walking on the roof? I missed that," a man wrote. "Nice view!" another person commented and then continued: "I noticed the height at the end of the video only. It's probably hard to keep balance when you don't see your feet."

"This video has it all - breasts and adrenaline," another person wrote.

As for the roofing mission to the top of the Moscow State University, the mission was accomplished at the end of May. Vitaly Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov have long wanted to touch the star of the university building, and their dream finally came true.

The roofers from the same team became famous for their another act. The young people climbed on top of 300-meter pylons of the bridge in Vladivostok. The guys ended up in a police station, though.

There is another well-known video of several Russian guys performing dangerous stunts at a breathtaking height. The guys hang on steel towers somersaulting and doing push-ups with no safety gear at all. The video was filmed near Moscow, on a steel tower that became popular among base jumpers.