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Should Russians be ashamed of their patriotism?

Beauty is beauty. No one can take it, but time. It happens, though, that when beauty begins to speak, it turns into an ugly joke - not because of ugly teeth or stinky breath. It is about the lack of understanding of what to say, how and to whom.

One of the favorites of Miss Earth beauty contest, 24-year-old Natalia Pereverzeva, questioned her own origin. When the jury asked her what makes Natalia proud of her country, she replied:

"I have always been proud of the country in which I live. I can not imagine myself without it. My country - that's all I have, the people whom I love - that's all that I hold dear. My Russia is a beautiful and majestic lady, full-blooded, red-cheeked, wearing an embroidered sundress and a long, thick braid, which multi-colored ribbons in it. She is a fabulous girl. My Russia is a cow with huge eyes and funny horns that always chews something. Oh, and how sweet its milk is! But my Russia is also a poor, huge and suffering country that has been ruthlessly torn by greedy, dishonest atheists. My Russia is a big artery, from which a few people take away her wealth. My Russia is a beggar. My Russia can not help the elderly and orphans. It is bleeding and sinking like a ship, and engineers, doctors, teachers escape from this ship because they have nothing to live on. My Russia is an endless war in the Caucasus. These embittered brotherly nations that previously spoke the same language, which is now forbidden to teach in schools. My Russia is the winner that destroyed fascism and bought the victory at the expense of millions of lives."

Later, Natalia tried to justify herself by saying that there was  "nothing provocative in the speech - it was just honest thoughts and emotions." The Russian beauty was surprised how people responded to her description of Russia's problems.

Of course, the girl has every right to think that way. Let us remember what Pyotr Chaadayev once wrote: "Believe me, I love his country more than any of you... But I do not know how to love with my eyes closed, with my head held down and with my mouth closed."

The Author of "The Apology of a Madman", the book that once infuriated a Russian monarch, was absolutely sincere. But note: the Russians can curse their country in conversations between themselves, but we hate it when foreigners do it.

Given certain circumstances, Natalia must have received a portion of Hollywood crap at a tender age, and a normal girl turned into a tele-zombie. Take a look at old Soviet and Hollywood movies. Compare them.

Director Alexandrov, the husband of Lyubov Orlova, studied in Hollywood, but made pro-Soviet films. The creators of the "factory of dreams" were mostly Jews, natives from Russia, but they were praising their new homeland. The U.S. started making films about "simple and honest guys" who were standing up against moneybags. Many common Americans watched those films, but they would raise US flag on their lawns every morning anyway. The Yankees do not hide their patriotism, why should the Russians be ashamed of it?

In Hollywood, despite its far-fetched political correctness, they use foreigners, not Americans, to portray idiots and fools. If they take Germans - all of them are Nazis. Russians are depicted in pointed helmets with flaps and red stars - almost all Russians are morons. This is remarkable, for America is a multi-national, or, as we now say, a multicultural empire. The half black president, Barack Obama, even swore his love for Muslims.

Hollywood diva of Russian origin Gia Skova founded a union in defense of Russia. The actress urges her compatriots to boycott anti-Russian projects in Hollywood. According to RIA New Region, Skova stated that all Miss Russia's, who defame their homeland, must be stripped of all their titles and removed from all sorts of public activities.

"Although I have long been living and working in Hollywood, I can say quite clearly and quite definitely that there normal people living in Russia! If someone drinks vodka straight from the bottle then they are hardcore alcoholics or homeless people. There are many such people in any country of the world. Normal people do not do it, and they do not do it in Russia either. The Hollywood stereotype, which they are trying to impose to viewers - a Russian drunk man with an accordion - it does not fit into any framework," said the actress.

Neither beauties nor monsters can make your country better or worse. One only should love their Motherland in their hearts and not cast pearls before swine.

Igor Bukker


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