Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

"What man has not learned?"

Welinton dos Santos*

In the XXI century, Man still seeksa solution to economic crises by promoting wars. This is, believe it, the most insane act of human selfishness. This is the time we should learn from peace. Destruction generates destruction and union generates alternatives for progress and development.

The War in Syria is serious, caused by internal and external forces of all orders, but what we disclose, is not always the mirror of reality, sometimes the good guys are the others. What we cannot do is stand still and watch the genocide of thousands without expressing a gesture of solidarity and LOVE. Help is needed.
Everything that happens in one country affects all nations of the world, therefore, it is no longer possible to share atrocities against innocent people, nor against genocide also performed against nature. Learning to respect life seems to be part of the books of the Human Being. It is time to awaken to a new reality, or learn to live in harmony with all nations, races, creeds, or Planet Earth may succumb.

The earth is choked with so many interventions of Man, widespread pollution towards a richness and immediacy without valuing life of others. Learning to live in a world without victims seems to be the hardest lesson of Man.

The mindless exploitation in favor of wealth creation needs to be criticised and changing our actions will influence the future of this planet.

Planet Earth is small, pollution reaches everywhere, weapons tests too, so now is a time of reflection for the pursuit of harmony of all nations, with new survival alternatives that restore balance and PEACE.
All manifestations Peace and balance are welcome. The solution to the global crisis is the sense of unity and respect as well, there are alternatives to economic imbalances, financial and natural resources, for such there is the need for a global effort, in favor of life.

Right now I write a line of thought, but what will become of us if we do not write the lines of fate correctly?
The world is an indivisible unity, so the set of action integration fosters collective growth, peace, balance and creates opportunities where before there seemed to be walls.

In this global theater, the new piece is perhaps the "School of Life".


Brazil, Lecturer, Economist

Contributor to the Portuguese Version

Translation from the Portuguese version by Olga Santos


Edited for the English version by

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey




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