Enchanting Siberian Songbird

By  Xavier Lerma

If you like Country Music you'll like Pelageya. Her music is fresh and different from American songs. Don't worry you don't have to know Russian to enjoy it. Music transcends all languages. She has been singing since she was a little girl and her voice has grown from a small bird into the gracefulness of a swan. She could even rival Reba or Celine Dion.

Charming, elegant and feminine as a Southern Belle, Pelageya Khanova is a pure songbird that will mesmerize men as well as women. She was born in Novosibirsk in Western Siberia. She sings in Russian and in the old Slavonic Russian which is as different as Latin is to Italian. Her songs are mostly happy and full of life. Some are beautiful melancholic ballads. She is a happy child born to fly in every song.

Is she a true siren from Greek mythology captivating every listener? When you hear her golden voice she will pick you up and take you on a journey to a far away land as mystical as an enchanted island; as refreshing as a cool waterfall shower on a hot day.

When she sings it's as though she also enjoys her voice. Her smile reflects her exuberance in singing. Her hands put many in a trance. She does justice to the Old Russian folk songs as she gently carries everyone including herself to another time and place. Then she sings a more modern song to bring us back to today's reality. Оборотень-князь (The Werewolf-Prince) is a good adventurous hard rock song.

Her music is inspiring as well as soothing. Energetic and exciting like a stampede of wild horses or a thunderstorm. Some of her songs are tranquil as the dew on a morning lake or a sunset after a hard day. All in all they exemplify the Russian spirit which, is bold, peaceful and beautifully spiritual.

She has rejected recording offers from the American pop business and I am glad she did. The only place Pelageya could really start is in Country Music. Her honesty and happiness clearly comes across when she talks and sings. Her down to earth attitude is apparent in her charity work.

However, her voice is magical and would be better left in her native homeland. Her roots are in Russia and that is where her magic lies. Her power stems from the roots of Russia's past, which sheds light on the present. Enjoy the music of this enchanting Russian Princess.

Her new album Тропы (Paths) was worth the wait and as good as her past albums. The following videos will not sound as good as a live performance or even the CD. However, at least you can enjoy the melody of something genuinely unique. Her best videos are all here: http://xlermamusic.wordpress.com/

By  Xavier Lerma

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov