US pastor, gays, Parent No. 1 and Parent No. 2

Pastor Charles Worley of North Carolina is burning sexual minorities with words and electricity. During his sermon in a Baptist church the priest offered to build a huge fence, put all the gays and lesbians behind it, and fly over the fenced area to drop them food. He then offered to bring electricity to the fence so that no one is able to get out. Gradually they will die because they will not be able to reproduce, CBS quoted the radical father.

Statements of Worley fully comply with the applicable laws of physics (section "mechanics"), in particular, Newton's third law of "action" and "counteraction".

American "efficiency" in protection of all non-traditional is encroaching on those who continue to maintain the traditional guidelines. The so-called gay-nationalism as a sociological concept is developing, whose adherents believe that the gay community is not a group of people with certain characteristics but a nation with their own identity and culture.

The American writer William S. Burroughs went even further and originated the idea of ​​a nation-state of gay and lesbians or at least enabling them to stay independent. Conceptually it is not contrary to the above sermon of Pastor Worley, though, the writer and the priest suggested to organize "sexual autonomy" in different ways.

The praised American "free speech" may soon be reduced by two words. The officials propose to exclude from public documents the words "mother" and "father", replacing them with the neutral "parent number 1" and "parent number 2."

The reason for linguistic extravagance is simple: gay marriages have brought up a whole generation of young Americans who may feel "flawed" admitting that they have "two fathers" or "two mothers".

Finally, on December 6, 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama issued a special directive that declares the fight for gay rights abroad a priority of the American foreign policy. Specifically, he demanded a "quick and clear" response to the incidents that threaten the safe existence of the LGBT communities in other countries.

After all of the above it is difficult to throw a stone at Pastor Worley, bearing in mind the law of Newton. Only 40 years ago in the United States same-sex relationship were punishable by law, and particularly stubborn gay were treated with electroshock.

Since then, the pendulum has swung so that it is not only honorable, but also profitable to be a minority. There is a fare perception that the most socially protected class in America are dark-skinned lesbians.

No doubt, Pastor Charles Worley after his extreme sermons will be at best called "homophobic", at worst - Hitler. Any bigotry eventually leads to fatal consequences.

Russian priests, while do not welcome gay pride parades, do not suggest driving them into a reservation, letting them live as they want without making a cult out of it. This is the balance that should remain.

Mikhail Sinelnikov


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov