Health: Start the day with a drink

Health: Start the day with a drink

Health: Start the day with a drink. 45291.jpegNo, we are not speaking about vodka or beer or the tail of the dog. We are speaking about the healthiest drinks you can imagine to start your day, get your metabolism balanced, aid your digestive process and have the energy and goodwill to face another hard-working day. Read the latest diet-drinks advice from Brazil.

Vitamins, minerals, good taste and energy

To help you get up from bed, why not try out an easy-to-make tropical juice? The Brazilian site IG Comida (IG Food) has come up with some delicious suggestions to help you get up and feel great before facing your working day. All you have to do is blast them in a blender with chilled water.

Energy drink: Pineapple and lemon grass

Smooth drink: Strawberry, orange and ice-cream

Energy drink: Raspberry and ginger

Morning special: Orange, pineapple, cabbage, flax/linseed

Hydrating drink: Coconut milk and pineapple juice

Vitamin power: orange and beetroot

Translated from the Portuguese version of Pravda.Ru by Ekaterina Santos

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