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Just flushed granny down the toilet

Just flushed granny down the toilet. 45286.jpegBy Stanislav Mishin

A lot can be said of a society and how it treats and values its living from how it treats and values its dead.

I have often written that the post Christian West is a Satanic playground for the minions of the Enemy. An immoral, Luciferian elite and their dumbed down and callas serfs, worshiping false idols and having long turned their backs on Christ.

Today, I had this ever further enforced, when I read about two new machines that the wardens of the Nazi's concentration camps and Stalin's gulags would have been thrilled at. I am sure the new wardens of concentration camps and gulags all over the Western Totalitarian Democracies are just as excited.

Two new methods have been developed to remove human bodies. One, developed in Ireland, is a body liquification tank, that utilizes high temperature alkaline water (basically ph11 acid) to fully dissolve the body into a sludge of organic waste that can easily now be flushed down a drain. Of course, the machine has filters to catch the metal particles: read this as gold teeth and such.

Yes, the poor Nazis had to get gold out the old fashioned way, from their freshly gassed corpses, with pliers. Now, for a low low price, you no longer need a plot of land, a head stone (or how the yanks do it, a cheap bronze plate), you just flush those pesky relatives down the drain and their gold teeth and implants are yours as a bonus. How absolutely "nice".

Whilst my fog hazed American readers will shake their heads in righteous disdain at those pesky Euros (or Eurotrash as many of them like to call Europeans), they will be shocked to learn that the company that produces this monstrosity, Resomation, has just installed their first American unit in, of all places, the deep south: Florida. It shows once more the poor state of Protestantism and its corruption by modernism. This would never fly in Orthodox Christian countries, where the body is viewed as the temple of the soul and should be treated with respect after death, not flushed down the toilet, with yesterday's processed dinner.

The second monstrosity is not quite out yet, awaiting the approval of the Swedish government. Susanne Wiigh-Masak, a Swedish biologist, has developed a machine that uses liquid nitrogen that freeze dries the body and then uses high intensity sound waves to pulverize it into tiny particles, basically making compost out of granddad. These are then described as ready for "shallow" burial....that is, addition to the tomato plant soil or some such. She's even given it a catchy name: she calls it Promession.

Of course, both have been given the "GREEN" seal of approval.

As an Orthodox Christian, in a faith that does not allow for the preservation of the body or even autopsy (except in criminal matters), I am aghast at this, disturbed and disgusted.

Yes, the West as I've said and will say, is truly the play ground of the Devil.

Stanislav Mishin
The article has been reprinted with author's permission and originally appears on his blog Mat Rodina

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