Museum of Sex in Puritan America

42263.gifThe Museum of Sex in New York City is quite an attraction. The exposition of the museum displays sex as a very important factor in human life in all of its aspects. The museum exhibits very unexpected artifacts - from nude pictures to sex life items of ancient and modern eras. The museum's founder, Daniel Gluck, believes that MoSex will become as recognizable as the American Museum of Natural History.

The location for the nation's first museum dedicated entirely to sex and erotica has been chosen artfully. It is situated on Fifth Avenue at 27th Street in the house of the former brothel, 150 meters far from a church and a school. The short name of the museum, MoSex, which sounds like "more sex," appeared similarly to the short name of the Museum of Modern Art - MoMA. The Museum of Sex opened on October 5, 2002 to share the culture of sex with the rest of the world despite protests from numerous Catholic organizations.

The first exposition was devoted to how New York changed the perception of sex in America (NYC Sex: How New York transformed Sex in America) from the 19th century and up until present times. New York, the face of the United States, would be considered the center of entertainment, ambition, perversion, spirituality, creation, style, art, and many other things.

Daniel Gluck, the founder and director of the museum, believes that America has always had hard times in its relations with sex. The 34-year-old man, who made his fortune in computer business, was following his big dream - to found a museum which would become as highly reputable in the United States as the American Museum of Natural History.

MoSex is a center that deals with sexual education of young generations, although teens below 18 are not allowed to visit it. The museum regularly offers lectures, theatrical performances and seminars about sex.

Daniel Gluck said once that he was perplexed about the fact that the United States had no museum of sex even though sex is the driving force of the development of mankind.

In the museum, visitors can get acquainted with the history of struggle between libertarians and puritans, the sexual revolution of the 1960s and the appearance of the sex industry. The museum received extensive archives of various documents from the former archivist of the Library of the US Congress Ralph Whittington. MoSex can boast of having the materials of the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex and Reproduction at Indiana University and the Lesbian Herstory Archives in New York. However, Dan Gluck states that his museum does not exist on the money of the American porn industry.

The most interesting exhibits of the museum include the leather corset dated from 1890, a unique anti-masturbation device, and the world's first-ever vibrator made in 1900 by Manhattan Electrical Supply Co. Inc.

Igor Bukker

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