Insufficient Temporary Block to the Arizona Law, Say Mexicans

Insufficient Temporary Block to the Arizona Law, Say Mexicans

That the anti-immigrant law in Arizona came into force today without the application of its most controversial points is a good step, but insufficient to resolve the conflict, emphasized Mexican legislators and social activists.

The powers granted to police were temporarily suspended to investigate, "for a reasonable suspicion," the immigration status of anyone who is detained.

It also cut the right granted by the SB1070 agents to arrest without a detention order an individual under suspicion of having no documents or require possession documentation that identifies an immigrant. Neither may the State authorities of that territory in the United States criminalize working undocumented immigrants, according to the text.

For Senator Ricardo Monreal, Labour Party, it is "a good decision, however incomplete and insufficient."

"We rejoice in the suspension of the most controversial sections of this racist and discriminatory law, but we have not reached the bottom that would declare the unconstitutionality of SB1070," the legislator continued.

Mitchell Pablo Escudero, a member of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico, in subordinated Arizona of the Maricopa County Sheriff, directed by Joe Arpaio, recalled undocumented immigrants were held for days without documents.

In addition, Arpaio announced that with the coming into force of the new SB1070, it will be devoted exclusively to detain undocumented immigrants, Escudero remarked.

In the opinion of Elvira Arellano, an activist in favor of the rights of migrants in Arizona, it will continue the persecution of Mexicans and other immigrants, because the seeds of hatred, racism and xenophobia are sown.

Camilo Perez Bustillo, a board member of the International Court Prosecutor of Conscience, warned that the decision by federal Judge Susan Bolton in relation to some sections of the legislation was only "a small victory and one cannot lower our guard."

In a session of the Standing Committee of the Congress of the Union, Representatives and Senators will be congratulated for momentarily breaking SB1070 yesterday, but they also demanded definitive solutions.

Senator Rogelio Wheel, of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, appreciated that between Mexico and the United States a sense of responsibility must prevail to address issues such as migration, arms trafficking and drugs.

He said a secure and developed border would be beneficial for both countries, but not by the road of criminality and xenophobia.

The solution, he summarized, is not to deport, but to secure the dignity of human beings.

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