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Moscow Heat Knocks Out Men in Bed

Currently the air temperature in Moscow and Moscow region is over +30°C and is about to break a new temperature record, ITAR-TASS reports.

According to forecasters of the Moscow weather service, the hottest weather is now in the south-east, near the oldest Moscow airport Bykovo, where the temperature has reached +36°C. And this is where the air temperature is exactly the same as at the popular Turkish resort of Antalya.

Moscow residents try to beat the heat at water reservoirs, fountains, parks and alleys. Notably, those who had to stay in the city for whatever reason sometimes seek salvation from the heat in stores located in basement units. The air there is very cool and comfortable compared to the streets.

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Meanwhile, on July 16, a new temperature record was broken in Moscow. The Exhibition Centre’s base weather station recorded temperature of +33°C at 3pm. The previous record was set in 1938, when the air in Moscow warmed up to +32.8°C.

Forecasters also predict that next week may bring a slight drop in temperature to 30-32°C. This means that the abnormal heat will linger in Moscow and the area for at least another week.

Meanwhile, an expert sex-therapist told Interfax that when temperature is over +35°C, “men do not have enough strength to bring the process to its logical end more frequently than women.”

“Men’s usual – hard liquor, tobacco, coffee, cigarettes or magic pills such as Viagra – are a direct way to collapse in bed,” the doctor continued. “Just think about it: even with a comfortable room temperature of +20 °C, at the moment of orgasm our heart rate sometimes reaches 200 beats per minute, and our blood pressure jumps up to 230/130 mmHg with the normal 120 over 80. “Do you need this kind of exercise?” the expert said.

According to him, drugs that increase male potency cause blood to circulate several times faster and, along with other “stimulants” simply blow up the heart. “You may just die! And this is not a joke,” the doctor told men.

“Men over 40 are recommended to have sex under cover of night when the heat decreases, or in a cool shower. Active women are advised to dominate, take care of their men, especially if men are much older than them,” the expert advised.

He added that intimate relations during abnormal heat are deadly for people of both sexes who suffered from strapped throat, hypertension, heart attack or stroke.

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