The Eroticism of Being Fat

Statistically, 54% of Russians under age 60 are overweight. 30% of them suffer from obesity that, according to polls, means absence of personal life.

Interestingly enough, despite the fact that Russia is not a leader when it comes to the number of overweight people, Russians love and understand chubby people.

“It is considered normal for men at age 30-35 to develop a belly. Overweight people are associated with wealth and good life. For instance, in pre-revolution Russia a skinny merchant was a rare sight. People have a stigma that fat people eat well, therefore, they live well. Excessively skinny women are not that popular either. There are Russian sayings like “men are not dogs, they don’t like bones” and “a woman should have something a man could grab on.” Russian families where one or both spouses are overweight are not rare. Unfortunately, such couples often break up due to sexual issues since there is a great deal of subtleties in sexual relations with overweight people,” says therapist and sexologist Larisa Fedorchuk.

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Interestingly, chubby women do not experience serious sexual issues from a physiological point of view. All difficulties are in their heads. There is a popular myth that overweight women have reduced sensitivity of vagina, however, in reality it is the opposite. It has been proven that overweight people have more estrogen in their bodies that increases libido and sensitivity. Additionally, such women try to compensate physical imperfections by resourcefulness in bed. A man who will have intimate relations with a chubby lover not ashamed of her body will be very pleased.

Yet, usually women who do not think they have an ideal body are very ashamed of showing it, and display reserved behavior. Constant fears that something will go wrong in bed makes them unable to relax, and naturally, disappoints men.

A separate category is overweight women who constantly diet. Due to hormonal changes caused by weight fluctuation they become irritable, which does not help good intimate relations. Sometimes extra weight is a way for women to protect themselves from the world, and weight loss is equivalent to a catastrophe. These women are used to emotional eating and therefore, unable of loving themselves in any weight. When overweight women are unable to accept their bodies and learn to relax in bed, constant tension will cause anorgasmia and push their partners away.

Statistically, wealthy men equally like skinny and chubby ladies because a voluptuous woman for them is a sign of their success. According to Freud, such women symbolize “insatiable bosom” that can be satisfied only by a real male.


Unlike women, men rarely suffer from psychological discomfort caused by excessive weight since it is considered a symbol of wealth and prestige. Yet, in bed the situation is much worse because overweight men often have problems with erection. There are several reasons to it, and the main one is atherosclerosis.

Blood vessels of overweight people are clogged with cholesterol, which prevents normal blood flow and it does not access penis as it should. When atherosclerotic plaques clog the arteries, potency drops. If excessive weight is caused by diabetes that damages peripheral nerves, it negatively affects erection. Overweight people have low level of testosterone in their bodies because fat promotes production of female estrogen, resulting in a weak libido. The most insignificant negative consequence is loss of penis sensitivity, which delays ejaculation and dulls the orgasm. Some men who suffer from excessive weight from their childhood develop hang-ups because of modest penis size. Since such people have low level of male hormones from early age, the growth of penis is reduced and it becomes the reason for reserved behavior in bed.

Doctors recommend overweight men take better care of their nutrition and develop a diet increasing libido. Since male hormone testosterone is built up by cholesterol received from food, starvation will damage the erection. It is recommended to have a balanced diet and eat foods rich in nutrients and vitamins. In particular, these are foods that contain zinc that aids testosterone production (seafood, beef liver, parmesan and milk), beta carotene responsible for the synthesis of sexual hormones (carrots), vitamin B3 that increases satisfaction (broccoli, mushrooms, and greens), and enzyme bromelain that dissolves atherosclerotic plaques (bananas, kiwi).

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov