Most Popular Food Found to Be Most Dangerous

American scientists from the Scientific Center for Public Opinion Research compiled a list of harmful foods that caused suffering of many people in the past two decades. The black list includes the foods that provoked mass illnesses in the US within the last twenty years. Fish, cheese, eggs and oysters are on the top of the list.

Surprisingly enough, potatoes, tomatoes and leafy greens also made it to the list. It turns out that there are over 3,000 registered diseases caused by potatoes.

Herbs (parsley, dill, etc.) became the absolute leader of the group. Nearly 14,000 Americans suffered from them through getting salmonella and E.coli.

The most dangerous bacterium, according to the scientists, is salmonella, contained in a great deal of food and causing food poisoning in 40% of cases.


An Indian chef created the recipe of the “most healthful” food on the planet. It is chicken curry with blueberries, rice, and goji berries. The chef mixed traditional ingredients that protect a person from many diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer, Vokrug Sveta reports.

According to the chef, this meal alone contains as much antioxidants as 23 cups of spinach, 23 cups of grapes, and 9 servings of broccoli. It is also delicious and costs no more than £2.5 per plate.

Blueberry, one of the ingredients, prevents cancer and amyloid plaque in the brain. Goji berries native to Himalayas are rich in vitamin A, C and iron. Spices used in the recipe have antibacterial and antivirus qualities. Chili reduces pain; curcuma helps to protect the heart, brain and blood vessels. Chicken was chosen because it is low in fat and affordable.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania designing medicine for skin cancer treatment that contains broccoli and cabbage extracts. According to the scientists, isothiazoline contained in green vegetables can prevent skin cancer when mixed with selenium from the Brazilian nut. The mixture can also be added to sunscreens.

Skin cancer may be prevented with moderate caffeine consumption and exercise. Anti-cancerous quality of caffeine has been long known. Some components of green tea have been proven to have a distinct anti-cancerous quality. The most active anti-tumor components of green tea are polyphenols.

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