Cameraman Dies in Russian White House Ahead of Putin’s Meeting

Aleksei Kochetkov, a cameraman of Russia’s First Channel, died literally at his workplace in the building of the Russian government, the White House, in Moscow. The 47-year-old cameraman was supposed to film the meeting of the presidium of the government. The man did not feel well before the meeting began. He asked employees of the governmental press service for help, they called the ambulance, but medics were not able to save the man’s life.

The cause of the man’s death has not been determined yet, but it was most likely an infarction, doctors said.

Prime Minister Putin was informed about the sad news. He began the meeting of his government with a moment of silence, Itar-Tass reports.

“Unfortunately, we have to start the day with sad news. An employee of the First Channel, Aleksei Kochetkov, has passed away today, right now, at his workplace. He had been covering the work of the government for a log time – for several years,” Putin said and asked the ministers to honor the reporter’s memory with a moment of silence. The ministers stood up from their seats, Pravda.Ru said.

First Channel’s deputy general Kirill Kleimenov said that the company had presented its condolences to Kochetkov’s family.

“This is a terrible and tragic story. He had been working with us since 1997, he was only 47. He had two daughters – the elder one is a student and the younger girl is only four,” Mr. Kleimenov said.

A message posted on the official website of the TV company said that Aleksei Kochetkov was the son of a well-known film director. He produced many documentaries when working in dozens of dangerous locations, including hotspots.

“He was a professional, a sensitive and kind person,” the message said.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov