Colour Theory May Help Parents to Understand Child Behaviour

According to author and speaker, Sheila Glazov, each person has a psychological profile that can be classified according to a colour. This theory, developed by an educator in the U.S. of over 40 years, is the theme of "The Colour of Your Brain" (published by New Concept), a new book in Brazil.

Sheila explains that their classification - which divides people into yellow, blue, green or orange brains - was made from tests done on the theories of psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. With a simplified approach, it can be applied not only to adults or to the desktop, but also to children.

Each color’s features are defined. Children with a "yellow brain," for example, need to know clearly what is expected of them at home and at school. "They are stressed - and consequently behave badly - when their routines are broken," says the author. Therefore, parents should always keep them informed about the schedule and any change of plans.

For children with a "blue brain", the most important is to spend time talking and joking with the family. Bad behavior appears when they have no chance to talk about what bothers them. "Parents of "blue brain" children must learn to listen to them carefully," advises Sheila.

Children with "green brains" prefer to have time for themselves and like to play with one friend at a time. With an introspective nature, they behave badly if they are forced to interact with others when they don‘t want to. The ideal is that parents in this case provide privacy and time for the child to prepare their thoughts.

Finally, the children with an "orange brain" have a preference for activities that allow them to "get their hands dirty" or for sports practiced in a group. "Having to follow rules created by other people or feel that their freedom has been taken away makes them behave badly," illustrates Sheila. In this case, parents should give them time to have fun.

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Author`s name Oksana Orlovskaya