Some Like Swings and Others Play Dolls in Their Sixties

We are afraid of dropping by a sex-shop because we have no idea what to look at, how to communicate with sales personnel, or what to choose. This article will provide tips and tricks for a pleasant shopping experience.

Customer Rules

If you can’t help but smile and your eyes get blinded by dildos, it means you need time to get used to the environment. First, head to a shelf with souvenirs because there your smile will be appropriate and won’t confuse other customers.

When you are done laughing, you may move to a more serious stage. But first, a few rules of conduct in an adult shop.

Rule #1. Don’t talk too much. Some start awkward explanations: ”I’m going on a business trip and need to get a vibrator for my wife.” An experienced sales assistant knows that this customer is waiting for her to say “Of course, that’s a very smart decision. Everyone does it!” But there are other customers who get excited and start talking about most intimate issues. Leave these revelations for a paid session with a sex health specialist. Do not burden a consultant with your personal life no matter how interesting it may seem.

Rule #2. Look for your comfort zone. You should be in your element in an adult store. If the sales assistant looks at you condescendingly, turn around and leave. Look for a friendly store where nobody judges your age or taste and personnel is helpful.

Lately, there is a trend to hire intelligent mature women as consultants. It turns out, they are trusted the most, they are attentive, and it is hard to surprise them with a request.

Rule #3. Ask Questions. Remember that the most “perverted” questions have already been asked and do not be embarrassed. A consultant won’t blush, won’t judge you and will even show you how to strap a dildo on and how to inflate an inflatable woman.

Rule #4. Do not linger. A sex shop is not a fine arts museum, and if you wander the aisles for hours, it may concern the store security that may identify you as a freak who likes to “watch and touch.”

Three Categories of Goods

The items sold in sex shops are divided into three categories – hygienic, health-improving, and special.

The first category includes condoms, massage oils, and lubricants. If we use a regular store analogy, the goods in this category can be compared to regular bread. This is a bare minimum that prevents us from starvation.

The second category includes external and internal stimulators, massagers and vibrators. They are designed to help those who experience sexual difficulties. For example, a vacuum pump for menguarantees those with weak erection a complete sexual intercourse. The goods in this category can help those who lack a partner or live in places where it is impossible to have a partner. Such goods can be compared to goods from fish and meat department – everyone craves them once in a while, even vegetarians.

The third category of goods (special) includes imitators, artificial genitalia, attachments and prosthetics. These goods can be compared to the goods from a dessert department. It gives extra taste to main dishes and makes life less bland and ordinary. 

The department of “sexual makeup” is its own thing. Here you can find traditional potency enhancers like Spanish fly and yohimbe, lotions and ointments for intercourse prolongation, and aphrodisiacs for increasing libido. The category also includes massage oils with pheromones promising an increased attention not only from your partner, but everyone around you.

New Technologies

“Where is this world going? “ask the puritans. Sex-shops personnel know where – it is on its way to perfection. Dildos and realistic vaginas made of cutting-edge materials, sex dolls with human faces and human body temperature are all contemporary achievements. All things artificial are striving for a natural feel and look. Imperfect massagers and vibrators made of formaldehyde-releasing plastic are replaced with pieces of art made of natural latex and cyber-silicone often called “smooth skin.” Cheap products are easy to tell from expensive ones by touch. Cyber-silicone is soft and creates an illusion of touching a human being.

Just a Game

All of us are big kids, and it gives us another reason to drop by a sex shop. There is nothing embarrassing in the fact that some like swings and others play dolls in their sixties.

Approximately 60% of customers come to play and change roles . This is one of the proven methods of stress relief and making your sex life more exciting.

Costumes are of a great help in your games. Russian adult stores cannot boast variety. The typical costumes found here include waitress, nurse, and tiger outfits. According to consultants, sado-masochism theme is the most popular at all times. A writer Maria Arbatova thinks it is not surprising. Speaking about marriage, she once said that every sadist is looking for his masochist and vice versa.

It's a Man's World

The majority of sex shops customers are men. Women have to stop by just to see that the entire world revolves around them. Approximately 90% of goods in these shops are designed to please them.

Arguments and Facts

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov