Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport Ranked World's Second Worst

Visitors of Sleeping in Airports website share their impressions of spending a night in the airports around the world. About 6,200 travelers take part in the online discussion to determine which airports are best and worst for sleeping there.

“So now, sit back....get out your travel itinerary and read the latest airport reviews,” the site editors write.

By the opinion of the site visitors the worst airport for staying overnight is Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport comes second.

Many passengers, who had to spend several hours at Sheremetyevo, were not happy about such an experience.

“Sheremetyevo is a dark like cave, dirty and small space,” one traveler shares his opinion.

“Now I am scared to go through Russia,” another tourist claims.

Most travelers complain of dim lightning, dirty halls, unhelpful staff, limited seating and expensive cafes.

Sheremetyevo’s press secretary said that the survey was very subjective. The list of the worst airports includes the busiest airports. For instance, Sheremetyevo deals with 15 million passengers a year. At the moment, the airport is being developed and modernized. Thus the airport’s administration hopes to be on the best list in the nearest future.

By the way, the list of worst airports includes the airports of New York, Delhi, Mumbai and Rome.