Four-year-old girl lives in cage with crocodiles from birth

The parents of little girl Margarita Tarantina are hereditary animal trainers. They put their daughter into a cage with alligators. The girl’s parents received two alligators - Misha and Masha - shortly before Rita was born. So they were raised together and made friends. Now they cannot stand being without one another. During four years of living together, the crocodiles never bit and did not even scar the little girl.

“Alligators are brutal predators, but they have reason. The reptiles understand that Margarita is just a child and they must not hurt her,” the head of the unusual family, Sergey Tarantin says.

“They like her, and she takes advantage of it. Rita likes Misha in particular. She can play with his paw or lie on his back, while she-crocodile Masha is more capricious,” the father said.

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov