Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Slumdog Millionaire star child comes packed from her own family priced at 400,000 dollars

The father of Rubina Ali, a nine-year-old girl, who played Latika in Slumdog Millionaire, the Oscar-winning movie, offers to sell his own daughter at $400,000 claiming that his family received nothing from the triumphant victory of the film.

The news was unveiled after the man’s conversation with a rich Arab sheikh, who later turned out to be a journalist of the British tabloid News of the World.

The disguised sheikh originally offered the man a much smaller amount for the star child, but the girl’s father turned out to be an impressive entrepreneur and named the price of $400,000.

“The child is special now. She is not a common girl, she is an Oscar-winning child!” the man told the British newspaper.

Rubina’s family members decided to hold an auction to sell their own daughter only a short while ago, after they received a letter from a family that whished to adopt the young actress.

As soon as the girl’s father was told that the sheikh was actually a British journalist, the man suddenly showed a completely different side of his.

“I will never sell my daughter. Everything that you have heard is lies that has only one goal to defame me. The voice on the video is not mine at all,” the man that has been caught red-handed said.

The motion picture did not leave Rubina in poverty. The film producers set up a trust fund for their little Indian actors. The money, which the fund collects, will be used to provide home and education for the children. In addition, Rubina Ali appeared in a soft drink commercial opposite Nicole Kidman: the girl made almost $3,000 over one day of work.

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