Indrani position from Kama Sutra makes lovers handicapped

An elderly couple was taken to a hospital as a result of their sexual experiments. The two spouses froze in the position of Indrani.

Valentina, 51 and her husband Ivan, 56 suffered from Kama Sutra, a book that they had recaived from their friends a year ago.

“We couldn’t help laughing looking at them. The two lovers, who were not young at all, were staying in such a position!” one of the rescuers said.

Valentina later told the medics that the story started with the book of Kama Sutra which she had received as a present.

Valentina and Ivan accepted the book as a joke.

Valentina’s friends presented the book to Valentina for her 50th birthday.

When the guests left, the couple decided to look through the book. Strangely enough, the erotic pictures produced the desired effect. A new honeymoon began for Valentina and Ivan.

The two lovers began to use as many positions as possible from the book. On March 19, the couple reached the position of Indrani: a woman lies down with her legs tucked up to her sides until the knees are breast level and then opens them wide apart for the male.

The woman had a contraction of her vaginal muscles during the moment of climax, and the man found himself trapped inside his lover. They tried to set themselves free for two hours, but then realized that they had to call an ambulance for help, Life.Ru reports.

“We had to hurry because the swelling of the man’s sex organ had begun. We called our best surgeons, but the man somehow escaped!” a doctor said.

When the doctors entered the ward, where Valentina and Ivan were staying, he saw that the man had blustered his way out of a difficulty and escaped. The woman was lying there alone bleeding.

“The woman is fine, she was operated on time, but her lover is still on the run,” the surgeon said.

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Author`s name Alex Naumov