Regular sex prevents men’s intimate problems best

There are many men in the world who suffer from various disturbing ailments which prevent them from leading regular sex lives. Most men are too shy to ask for a professional medical consultation. Many of them are afraid to acknowledge that they have sex-related problems, not to mention the fact that they never want any of their friends and women to become aware of their difficulties.

A timely visit to the doctor can help a man stay healthy for many years and improve his sexual relations with women.

1. Impotence. Contrary to established opinion, this problem may not always be linked with physiological reasons. A sexually active man can become incapable of having an erection as a result of pathology or a trauma. The reason lies in his brain in most cases. If a man had an unsuccessful experience, when his partner made fun of him, or if there were secondary factors involved, when a man subconsciously expects a misfortune to happen, an erection may disappear very quickly.

2. Prostatitis . It is a serious disease, which makes a man forget about his sex life. The men leading a sedentary lifestyle and those men who abuse alcohol suffer from prostatitis most. Sitting down for hours results in the stagnation of blood in the pelvis, which subsequently leads to very unpleasant consequences.

The absence or the lack of intimate relations plays a negative role here too. Sex makes blood circulate vividly. Elderly men leading regular sex lives suffer from prostate ailments a lot less frequently.

3. The prostate tumor or cancer. The prostate tumor most likely develops as a result of prostatitis. A man suffers from a frequent desire to urinate, especially at night. The disease requires a serious medical interference, including surgery.

Every man needs to do some sports if he wants to stay on good terms with his sex life. Swimming, jogging, riding a bike and other active kinds of sports prevent the stagnation of blood in the pelvis. If you drive most of the time, try to walk more.

Even if a man has none of the above-mentioned maladies, specialists recommend to have a regular ultrasound examination of the prostate, especially for men over 40.

In conclusion we would like to say that regular sex life is the best measure that a man can take to avoid all intimate problems.

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov