Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Men proudly demonstrate their sexual identity, women try to hide it

When a woman needs to do some sowing, she puts the thread through the needle. A man does it differently: he puts the needle eye on the thread. There are many other differences in men’s and women’s behavior, which one may not even notice at first sight.

When a man knuckles his hand, his bent thumb rests on the upper phalange of his index and the middle fingers. A woman ties to thrust her thumb between those two fingers without bending it, which makes women’s fists look so funny.

When a woman writes, the upper phalange of her index and middle fingers, which sit on the pen, become unnaturally incurved. Men keep their fingers straight when they write.

If a man steps on something stinky and swampy, he bends his knee, lifts it in front of him and turns his feet upward to see what he has there on the sole of his shoe. If a woman finds herself in such an unflattering situation, she also bends her knee, but moves her leg backwards and looks at her sole over the shoulder. A woman may often do this when she kisses a man – does it mean anything?

Women usually squat down to pick up something from the floor, whereas men usually bend down if they dropped something.

When giggling, a woman may cover her mouth with her hand – not to let the devil fly in there, like they say in Russia. They may also throw the head back in a fit of laughter. Men are not afraid of the flying devils, nor do they throw their heads anywhere.

Men spit to unconsciously mark their territory, not because they have dirt in the mouth. When a man sneezes, his sneeze must be heard very well – he obviously wants as many people as possible to bless him.

When a man sits down, he spreads his knees to demonstrate everyone that he is a man. A woman is never supposed to sit down that way: a woman must not demonstrate that she is a woman.

Women are absolutely okay with wearing a G-string. A man would rather die than have strip of clothing between his buttocks.

Women like to pensively move their fingers up and down the stem of a goblet when they have a drink. Men usually grab a goblet to simply empty it and do not look pensive at all during the process.

Even if a woman is hungry, she will bite off a small piece of a sandwich. A hungry man bites into a sandwich to devour it as quickly as possible. Even if a man is full, he never bites off small pieces – he likes to throw big pieces into his mouth to enjoy the chewing.