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12-year-old girl gives birth to baby-girl

A girl from elementary school, a resident of Yakutsk, gave birth to a baby-girl. The ambulance brought the 12-year-old girl to hospital from school after she had contractions.

“The girl told the doctors that she had strong stomach pains, but then we found out that she was pregnant and was having labor pains. We were really shocked”, the chief of maternity hospital said.

However, in spite of the fact that the girl is only 12 years old, doctors say that she is physiologically mature to give birth. Her reproductive abilities were developed fully.

“The labor passed without any complications. The schoolgirl gave birth naturally, without cesarean section. Now their condition is estimated as stable,” doctors say.

The Yakutsk city school officials said that the teachers did not know till the last moment that the schoolgirl was pregnant.

“All the week she went to school and on Sunday she delivered a baby. We did not notice any signs of pregnancy so we could not even imagine that one of our schoolgirls was going to give birth,” says one of the teachers.

Pravda.Ru previously reported about the similar situation in Argentina.

Pamela, a 17-year-old girl from Argentina, gave birth to her first child at age 14. She delivered triplets a year later, became pregnant again in less than two years and delivered triplets again.

Pamela’s parents are desperate. The only source of income in the young family is the children’s allowance. The father of Pamela’s children left them; the couple is not officially married. To crown it all, Pamela does not go to school because of her large family.

The young mother addressed to several local hospitals after the birth of her first triplets with a request to have the fallopian tubes ligation. She was denied since such operations are legally allowed only when a woman reaches full age.

Pamela was taking hormonal medications not to have an unwanted pregnancy. The drugs did not work, and the girl became pregnant again.

Pamela’s story speaks for itself. The majority of young mothers, who give birth at 13-16 years of age, are forced to quit school and start working. As a rule, such women become single mothers because young men prefer to stay away from responsibility. If a young mother finds herself completely alone, with no one to help her, not even her own parents, the little ones most often spend their childhood in orphanages

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