Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Women’s inner world written on their breasts and nipples

Fortunetelling has always been an inseparable part of the history of mankind. People always wanted to look in their own future and unravel the mystery of the human character. Fortune-tellers use a variety of things for their activities: cards, dice, coins, wax, salt and many other tools.

Sternomancy is a divination practice which involves the reading of markings on the area of the human body from the breast to the belly. This way of fortunetelling can be used to unveil the character of a woman by reading the shape of her breasts. Sternomancy was used in fortunetelling in the 18th century in Spain. Nowadays, sexologists say that the bosom of a woman identifies her character even more than Zodiac signs do.

People usually compare the shape of women’s breasts with fruit, berries and even vegetables.

Cherry. Women with small breasts that look like cherries are distinctive for their sociable character. They are reasonable and easy-going. Such women can be very good and reliable partners in everyday life, although they do not lay special emphasis on physical intimacy.

A fox’s nose is a springboard-shaped bosom. Those who have fox’s noses are usually smart and reserved women. These women do not usually reach anything professionally, because they are too lazy to show any initiatives. A ‘fox’ can become a very good wife for practically any man, what is why such women usually build successful families.

Women with small breasts are mostly concerned about the faithfulness of their partners.

Fruit breasts

Apples. Hard-working housewives usually have round-shaped bosom. Many apple-breasted women are frigid – it can be extremely hard to make them experience an orgasm. However, they can be ready for everything to please their man. ‘Apples’ do not like changing their sex partners.

Pears. The owners of pear-shaped breasts are lovable and indulge in liaisons as much as they can. Even if a ‘pear’ is religious, she is not likely to decline a romantic story in her life. However, it is impossible to eat up such a woman. She is independent, willful and not really smart, which makes her attractive to men. A marriage with a ‘pear’ guarantees ecstatic sex and many scandals.

Lemons. If a man wants to have more diversity in bed, he needs to date a woman whose breasts look like lemons. These women are full of life and are capable of criticizing themselves, although they prefer to lead a quiet lifestyle.

Women with large breasts are optimistic, cheerful and sensual. They can be very inventive in bed and expect the same from their partners.

Melons. Women with melon-shaped breasts like being admired. They value delicious food and constantly develop their cooking skills.

Water-melons. Women with such breasts also like to eat; they like being pampered. They like to flirt, but are not much interested in sex.

Plastic changes in the shape of women’s breasts may very often lead to serious psychological alterations. A woman with silicon breasts can be a very good partner on holidays, just for a week or so, but one should not devote a whole life to those women. Nearly all silicon beauties have serious psychological issues. They are not certain of themselves and have many complexes. Sex with a woman with a pair of silicon breasts is just a formality.

Nipples can also tell a lot about a woman. A well-shaped protruding nipple testifies to the powerful and dominating character of a woman. A woman with such nipples prefers to be on top of her men in bed.

A small and inverted nipple tells of a reserved and secluded character. Most of women with such nipples do not see anything special about sex, but they are ready to satisfy many fantasies of their men.

Women can be very concerned about the size of their breasts, just like men can be preoccupied with the size of their penis.