Author`s name Alex Naumov

Vets take 16 inches of steel wire out of cat

“On New Year's Eve our cat Mashka stole a sausage wrapper from the table. At first we did not care about it, but several days later we began to notice that our pet was behaving itself quite strange. Mashka would hardly move, spend most of time sleeping on the sofa and eat nothing. We thought that she was ill, and brought her to the vet. When the vet told us that there was a long steel wire in the cat’s stomach we could not believe him,” Alisa, the cat’s owner said.

The vet doctors explained that, probably, the sharp tip from the sausage wrapper got stuck in the cat’s stomach and could not leave the body by natural way. The steel wire wound around the cat’s internal organs and paralyzed the cat’s digestive abilities.

“It is surprising how the cat managed to survive,” the vets said.

Cat owners refused to be present while the vets were operating the animal. However, after the most complicated surgical intervention, the vets finally managed to take the steel wire out of the cat.

“When we measured the wire, its length appeared to be 16 inches! It seems that cats really have nine lives,” vet surgeons said. 

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