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Man reduces his stomach to fight financial crisis

A 45-year-old Muscovite has found quite an unusual way to cut down family budget expenses in the conditions of the global financial crisis.

When the world started speaking about the global financial crisis, Valery Chervyakov made up his mind to undergo a very complicated stomach reduction surgery.

Retired lieutenant colonel whose weight was over 180 kilograms, decided that it would be more economically expedient for him to spend money on surgeons, instead of buying two packs of meat dumplings and five loaves of bread every day.

Valery Chervyakov has been dreaming to lose weight for years. He has tried different diets and different trainings but almost with no result. Even when he finally managed to lose 15 kilos, his scales showed 187 kilos again in less than one month.

“I like eating a lot, - Valery complains. - If I am hungry I do not feel like I am a person. On Friday I usually arrange a "joyful" day for myself. My wife cooks 50 meat dumplings, I eat them, and then I drink a bottle of beer and go to bed. I am the happiest person in the world at these moments,” the man said.

Last autumn when the financial crisis began Valery’s family budget was seriously undermined. The most part of the family money was spent on food.

“I suddenly understood that I could kill two birds with one stone – to lose weight and to reduce expenses on food. A surgery seemed to be the only way for me to solve both problems at ones,” Valery said.

The former military man decided to make his stomach smaller and to pump out fat to achieve moderate appetite. Doctors told Valery that this operation would be very expensive. A stomach reduction surgery alone would cost 270,000 rubles ($8,000).

“I did not have such money. I discussed the problem with my wife and we decided to raise a loan in a bank” the man said.

The operation went through normally, and the man feels very happy about the results.

“Now I eat only a sandwich in the morning and a beefsteak during the lunchtime and I feel full!” he says.

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