Young man sentenced for posting explicit flick with his former girlfriend online

A student of a technical college in Russia’s Mordovia Republic was sentenced to a term in prison for distributing an explicit video clip containing the footage of his former girlfriend.

Dmitry Saveliev (19) and Ksenia Ilyina met in the spring of 2008. The two people studied at one and the same college, although Ksenia was a student of a different department. The couple developed a very close relationship as they began to see each other regularly.

Dmitry once offered his girlfriend to make a video of their love games. The offer came at the time when celebrity sex tapes made numerous headlines in many tabloids. Ksenia agreed. The lovers began to use the video option of Dmitry’s cell phone on many occasions afterwards.

It just so happened that Ksenia met another man and decided to break up with Dmitry.

“I was mad at her, but I never intended to show our videos to anyone else. It all happened incidentally. I had a drink with my friends one night, and we talked about girls. I was drunk and I showed some of my flicks to them, to make a boast so to speak,” Dmitry said.

Dmitry shared some of the video files via Bluetooth with two of his friends. The videos became extremely popular at the college soon afterwards. Ksenia learned of the videos too.

“A friend of mine came to see me one day and said that I was definitely a sex bomb. She showed me my private video on her cell phone. I decided to file a police report,” the woman said.

The police searched Dmitry’s apartment and found several other private videos with Ksenia’s participation. A criminal case was filed against the unfortunate man for the alleged production of pornographic materials with the participation of an underage female. In addition, Dmitry assaulted his former girlfriend in the street in a desperate attempt to retaliate. As a result, a district court sentenced Saveliev to two years in prison.

Dmitry’s friend, Igor Alekseyev (19), found himself on the dock too. The young man posted the porn flick on a popular website. Alekseyev was sentenced to six months on probation.

An online poll conducted on a Russian website showed that 20 percent of men and 13 percent of women have or had the experience of making private videos.

Sergei Yuriev, a family psychologist:

“Why do people make their own sex videos? It is a replacement for natural sex stimulants. As a rule, the majority of men and women have neither time nor energy to get ready for an intimate contact. They prefer to turn an adult movie on to become sexually excited. However, many women begin to compare themselves to porn actresses and would rather prefer to see their own bodies and faces instead. Both are happy,” the specialist said.

Sergei Galkin, a lawyer:

“If you make an explicit video for your own private use, there is nothing illegal about it. However, if you post pictures or video files on the internet, or if you sell a CD or a video, such actions will be considered criminal, not matter if the video was made by mutual consent.”

Express Gazeta

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov